Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrift Share: Busy Life

My latest thrifty additions. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't work (ignore the dust), so if I can't get it fixed, I think I will make it into a bar.
And, I love this little planter.
Life has been really busy again. We are nearing the end of the year at my work (we operate under fiscal years) and I have a lot of reports to finish. I have a lot of changes coming soon (more on that in future posts). One thing is I am going to be working from home come October (YAY!), so I had to change the priority list of chores on the Louisville house and move the office up to the top slot. My house is a HUGE work-in-progress.

Monday, September 3, 2012

2 in 1 Day!

So, when I wrote my post about discontinuing the blog, I had really bad Internet. I really think this has been part of my reluctance to post and make my entries more interesting. I absolutely despise uploading slow photos!

However, in the following week I finally have very fast Internet installed at the Louisville house. This has made web surfing so much more fun! I have downloaded some great music (recent favorites above, but I recently heard an old favorite and highly recommend this talented Brit's collection as well!)
I have found great new blogs to drool over:
The Dainty Squid (I've actually been reading this one for awhile, but I thought I would share it. She is so cute and I love her lavender hair!)

Sanctuary (I was going to link to a specific post I loved, but the decor is gorgeous!)

Decor 8 (Another pretty decor blog!)

And, I think I found the counter I need in my kitchen, but I would like your opinion. It's from Martha Stewart Living craft collection. I love it as far as the design (this will be going in a tight spot that a traditional counter wouldn't fit right, I need to take a better photo) and the size is perfect. My only hesitation is whether those flat item drawers would be practical in a kitchen. I guess I could store utensils and smaller items, napkins/tablecloths, and dishtowels there. My vintage dishes and pots/pans can be stored in the open on the bottom. And, I was thinking I could add casters to the bottom.

So what do you think? My artistic, eccentric 5 year old likes it!

Thrift Share: The WV Edition

Well, hello, Y'all!

If I didn't chase you off with all my pity party antics, do you wanna see what I scored in West Virginia last weekend?

First, I have to admit I actually was able to visit flea markets as part of my job! Cool, right? I think I went to about 26 flea markets and after 10 or so, I was tired of them (did I just say that?)

Sadly,most of the WV flea markets were not my cup of tea (knock off new merchandise, new 'vintage/primitive' items, close-out food, etc.) Anything actually vintage was priced amazingly high. Oh, how I miss the days of junky, cheap flea markets. And, KY has spoiled me.

But, I did find some items and one of the pop-up fleas I stumbled upon was one of the best. Prices were in the $0.10-1.50 range and there was so much great junk! Here is where I admit something really dumb: I had exactly $2.38 in cash on me (WTH was I thinking?!) Nevertheless, I spent the total I had on me on that particular visit and this included some great local pears.

Later, I went to the ATM, but I never found another flea market like it. The biggest regret? I saw a perfect McCoy turtle planter and was down to 50c in my pocket. I decided to ask the price certain if it was cheap enough I could scrounge up change in my vehicle. However, when I returned, it was gone! Of course, us thrifters know the moral of that story! Oh well, c'est la vie...

But let's not fret, onwards to the treasures:

My favorite find: An old coal bucket! I was looking at it and a guy says, "How about $1?" Oh, yes...sold! And, yes, that would be a mint D-I-V-O-R-C-E album.
Bag of cookie cutters.
 Look! I can make a political statement: Donkey, Indian, Cowboy, Elephant.
Can you guess my preference? ;)
Teeny tiny chip on one edge, but I love it anyway!
The birds were kind of pricey, but they are cute. The pitcher is my WV souvenir.
I found three of these. I already have mama and another baby at home.
I love dalmatians.
I really miss Isaac the dalmatian that lived with me for 15 years.
Almost forgot this little spoon rest. I bought it for a dime (!) at that super cheap flea market.
Linking up to Sir Thrift-A-Lot (thanks for hosting-I miss them too!)