Monday, November 19, 2012

File Under: I Like

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned The Dainty Squid in past posts, but in case I have not allow me to introduce this great blog to y'all. Kaylah is a twenty-something, adorable writer. What first grabbed my attention to her cute blog was the fact she is self-proclaimed amature mycologist. Now, as an ecological biologist and an amature naturalist myself, this intrigued me. Well, I ended up loving all of her posts. (So much in fact, I even have been considering painting my rough nails of late!) I adore her style. And, she is a thrifter (need I say more?)

Now as much as I love her photographs of mushrooms and insects and other natural beauties and recommend her blog squarely on this alone, it is also great time to visit her blog for another reason: She is giving away a Jo Tote camera bag!

Visit this post to enter, but check out the rest of her blog as well!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Monday

Well, time sure flies. I have been a busy, busy girl of late. Work is my main excuse-travel, an office move, and just general keeping up. I spent last week in Alabama and a friend and I thrifted a bit. Today, however, was 50% off day at the Unique in Louisville and I shopped early this morning (despite a general abhorrence of crowds and a very packed store). I found what would have been one of my favorite thrift finds ever. I really thought the thrift gods were with me today; however, this is my little treasure now (slightly mended):
Yes, on my way to the car with an armful of poorly packaged items, I dropped the box containing all of my unwrapped breakables. I nearly burst in tears! I partly blame the thrift for not going an extra inch and wrapping the fragile stuff in paper. I also would have been happy to have them placed in the sweater I bought. I absolutely despise some of the workers at Unique because they have broken many an item tossed carelessly in a bag. Damn it, Unique people, these items have made it through decades, continents and a even possibly a donation bin just to be destroyed upon purchase by your lack of concern.

Have you ever had an item destroyed by carelessness of thrift store employees?

In fairness, I have to say, though, that are also really good cashiers I've encountered there as well. Sadly, this was not the case today. I also partly blame myself for thinking I could balance a fragile bag on top of two board games. I was prefectly aware they had carelessly packed her. The accident happened as I tried to put my armful down to open my trunk. I relived the moment a few times in my head, wishing I had just taken the time to wrap my fragile items myself (the other item to shatter was an old Buddha). I checked eBay and Etsy and the sweet, vintage Lucky Cat is not widely available (or cheap). I found this one for 90 cents. I tried gluing it back together, but it shattered in too many pieces. I had to accept defeat.

Lucky Cat!
Sharing my Thrift sadness with the choir: Sir Thrift A Lot