Thursday, November 18, 2010

Suitcases Start Vicious Cycles

I'll edit this with photos later on...

I must be crazy. No, my work must be crazy to put me up in a hotel that is right next door to a Unique Thrift Store. Sigh. Of course I bought last night and now I cannot get it all in my small carry-on. This means I need to go back tonight and buy another carry-on (no use buying large suitcase because I rarely travel beyond a week). I am flying Southwest which means I at least get to check it on as part of the ticket price (a bright lining!!)

I'll add photos in a bit, but here is a sampling of what I bought last night:

Two Holland wooden shoes (a collection)
Vintage Samsonite suitcase (too small for packing my goodies :(
A scientific education tool of the human body
3 cups and saucers: a great Homer Laughlin pattern which will be my next dish set!
2 Japanese figurines (a Scottie and a songbird)
Hindu influences elephant figurine
Planter with flowers
Mikasa shell vase'
GORGEOUS wood vase
Asain influence wall pocket in turquoise
Small yellow bowl
Books: Gnomes (a favorite from childhood!) and Children's Guide to the Sky (DK book)

I think that is all but it is all wrapped for now. I am also next door to two Asian grocery stores and I bought a few neat things from them as well.

OK, I'll edit when I return home Friday!


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

How did you get so lucky? Whenever I have to travel for work I end up in a hotel next to something like a Jack in the Box, never anything as cool as a thrift store.

Maybe a big purse would carry some of your swag. Bet you can find one of those at the thrift!

Gina said...

I rarely get this lucky! Normally, if the trip is under 8 hours, I drive just so I can carry the loot home. I have been known to send a box home via postal when flying. :)