Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Going to Jackson

Took a driving break in Jackson, TN Goodwill (en route to Memphis for work this week).

Found these items.

I wouldn't rate this GW as excellent (expensive, lots of uninteresting inventory, or maybe I am just being more selective).

Love the Nessie (for the boys collection), the little duck and shoe planter (yeah, yeah collections belonging to moi)

The cute bird is a Made in Japan music box.

The needle point is vintage and in a great frame.

Another metal recipe box.

A plate I don't need and a cookbook I don't need.

My most expensive item found (books were all priced $2.99-3.99; the vintage stuff was under $1.49!) It was published the year *cough, cough* I was born.

Bad hotel lighting and photo, but it is gorgeous! I just thrifted a wonderful mare and foal print. I am slowing getting my Louisville horse theme going on.

That's it for Thrift Share Monday. Check out ATG and Sophie's blog for more fabulous finds.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mopey Shade of Blue

(Love this dresser created by Flea Market Trixie using old map)

It is nearly 11 am and I have done nothing today (laundry loads and dishes aside) except mope around in bed. I am feeling quite grey-blue, despondent and just plain tired. I really need to put up a list of things to be happy about like a favorite blogger does, but I also have a hard time focusing when I am feeling this way.

I came home this week for a funeral (my late father's older brother); to meet with the police regarding my wrongful ticket and employee misconduct; and, apparently, be a maid. The house is wrecked. I do not see ever getting it to look pretty. I started a painting project two weekends ago and the color of blue (a vintage map color) looks gorgeous, especially with the religionalia. However, I stalled at the edges because I cannot find the paint tape in all the mess this house has become since I went to KY.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment (one I have needed for months, but couldn't find the time grey is popping out of my dark hair like fireworks). I also need to attend a wedding reception of a (in-law) niece I don't care for to be honest. I really just want to go back to KY. I really despise Indiana.

I am also certain 'justice' is a figment of our imagination. Should you ever get pulled over when you were not committing a crime (or moving violation). Let it go and accept they will ALWAYS be right. They can drag you out of the vehicle for whatever reason they deem fit and they do not have to show you any proof of your crime. Oh, they also do not have to identify themselves (hear that police impostors!!) Don't bother filing a complaint; they will have an excuse for everything. I get so tired of hearing I should have said, "Sir this, Sir that..." and not questioned why I was being pulled over. I was not speeding, I did not earn the citation, yet I will be punished for it anyway. Know this, however, should I ever be the officer you deal with, you can not only ask for my identification (and should), but I will tell you specifically why I am visiting you and show you the codes and information I have. I will not leave you in the dark to fight a battle you did not deserve. I do still believe that I work for citizens and I believe in the oath I took for my badge.

My husband is also on my shit list. He made a despairing comment about my body. Why do men do that shit? Really! Society is hard enough on us. Turning 40 is hard enough on us. Why make it worse? He has been back peddling from his slip, but it hurts. It will continue to nag at me because it is something hard to fix. I feel ugly.

I really want to go yard saling just to get my brain off these cycles of self-pity, but I know that bringing home more junk when I am piled over with projects is just stupid. I have garden stuff to contend with, laundry (you have no idea), decluttering, painting, fixing, and planning. I hate that sun has gone away (I never complain about sunshine even if it is bloody hot!) I really want to create something beautiful like that dresser above. My mother recently gave me an old world map that belonged to my father, but she tore it into pieces to throw it in the garbage (until learning I wanted it*). It is these lovely vintage shades of color. I tried taping it back together (it is a velum like material), but it looks awful. This would be a great way to rescue it.

OK, maybe this is something to be happy about today.

*My mother is not a sentimental person and has thrown most of my father's things out (or sold them in ys without asking his four children if they want anything. He told me on his deathbed that he had a box of letters out in the garage for me (he was to a point he could not leave a bed); he told me out of all of his children we shared a lot. I was in the dark as to what he could mean.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom mentions she found a box of love letters from my father's time in England (he met and married my mother at 30). She said they were just a bunch of garbage. I was (and am still) pissed at this action! I just know these letters were the ones my father meant and now I will never be able to read them. I also met and married my current husband in my 30's and, I too, lived somewhere else in my youth. I also loved and lost love during those years. I returned to IN due to a heartbreak that was real and momumental to who I am now. I think my father "related" to this heartbreak in his daughter.

OK, enough already. If you are reading still...thanks.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creep Around

I have only spent a handful of Saturdays down in Louisville because of my husband's work schedule (he works Friday and Saturdays). He has taken a couple of vacation days and I came down in the beginning to find housing. Because my "karma" seems off these days, he sweetly gave me a weekend in Louisville this weekend (family is coming down when he gets off work tonight).

So, what did I do with my freedom? Yard sale Louisville style, of course!

Sadly, yard saling is awful. Part of it may have been that I waited until Saturday and all the good stuff was gone, but it was mostly the people having the sales. Back home it seems people have yard sales to get rid of clutter; Louisville is all about American Pickers (I heard twice in one day how something was picked to be sold for more, ok).

The best deal was an Estate Sale being ran by the family. I bought a couple of celluloid santas, a bunch of old craft items, a couple of dictionaries, more lotus rice bowls, old clothespins, and box of canning jars for $10. I also went to an estate sale in the old part of Louisville (Highlands area) and, even though I only found one item I wanted, got to walk through a gorgeous Victorian house.

I went to one last sale (and this before 9:30 am) and they had a bunch of 1960-70 furniture for sale. It all smelled reeked of cigarette odor. I saw a newer, mass-produced bathroom cabinet that someone had painted (poorly) white. It was small enough to fit out tiny second bathroom back home. Nothing had prices (BIG pet peeve of mine; I truly hate bargaining prices). Meanwhile, an older gentleman with no teeth and days old stubble began following me around.. Every time I turned he was there. Finally, he asks me if I know Tina someoneorother. I said, "No..." (This after leaning into him so I could hear what he was saying. I think I saw him leering at my boobs). He says, "You favor her." Lord, I thought, I hope she has teeth!

I finally asked a lady (also with no teeth) how much for the cabinet and she says she has to ask. When she left, the old guy says, "She wants $5." I thought, "High." I said, "What about the stool and little table?" He says, "Those are $5 each...I'll take $15 for all three."

The little table was older, but poorly painted and wiggly. I was thinking $2. The old workshop stool was probably a bargain at $5, but this guy was creeping me out. I asked if he would take $10 for all three (I thought a much higher price than they were worth in yard sale terms). He replies, "Them's antiques!"

A few moments later, a lady with blond hair comes around and says gruffly, "I want $8 for that cabinet, Sweetie."

I said, "Oh, I'll have to get more money..." and RAN! The stuff smelled horribly and I would have to repaint the cabinet and the table (the stool had a million different paint drips on it, but I kind of liked how it looked). Ei ei ei...everyone's a picker!

I went home instead and later hit a thrift store. They prices may be a bit higher at the TS, but I don't have to feel uncomfortable. I have to say, and it is hard to judge from just one experience, Indiana is better in the yard sale arena. Maybe American Picker's hasn't hit the Indiana folks yet-the state has always been at least 5 years behind the rest of the country.

I am going to borrow something else from Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage. If you haven't seen her wonderful blog, she ends her posts with a photo of her lovely tea towel collection. Recently, she has added a day in the life of Australia from a book she thrifted and I look forward to seeing the depiction of life down under in the '60's.

I found the book Kentucky Quilts 1800-1900 today at a sale and I thought I would share some of the artwork. My grandmothers, aunts, and beyond to the 1600-1700's (before they were inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands and England) were Appalachian quilt artists. My mom hoards has several quilts dating back to the late 1800's through 1970's. I am fascinated by quilts and hope to someday find the time to make one in the mountain tradition.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Collect Share Friday

I have been wanting to participate in Apron Thrift Girl's "Collect Share" project for some time, but I never seem to be at the right place when she has one. The bulk of my stuff still resides in Indiana, but I have managed to amass bits and pieces for the collections which have not made it out of Louisville (i.e. found a home within the last 9 months...OMG, it's been 9 months???)

I started early collecting the animal planters. Some time in the early nineties probably (maybe even before that time) and I still vividly remember a lamb planter I didn't buy as a youth. I loved it, but didn't feel a need to obsessively collect something back then (um, well, except books, Breyer horses, vintage clothing...OK, just joking, I have always been a collector!)

Back home in IN, I have some really neat ones: a skunk; a huge, turquoise fawn; a more realistic turtle (my first planter!). I'll have to do a part II to this post at some point.

OK, enough blah, blah, blah...


I love many styles and eras...this one early USA (unmarked). I also love Made in Japan and the more rare Made in England. I am not partial to the animal. Some of the brands off the top of my head: Lefton, McCoy, Brush, Shawnee. I even have an Avon one (the ducks with babies on the middle shelf).

We have two collie sisters and so I spent a little more than my self-imposed $3 max. I think she was $6 at a flea market, but it matched another one (sitting) I found a few years ago.

I showed you a made in USA and the collie is a Made in Japan, but I am not prejudice. This cutie was made in Mexico and will soon have cacti on his back. I have a soft spot for turtles-I even have one tattooed on my ankle!

(Sometimes non-animal planters make it into the collection. I love these ducklings found for 99c each.

Swans are all over my bathroom. In fact, my animal planter collection crosses many collection boundaries. Does she belong to this planter collection or is she part of my swan collection? Or maybe she is just part of my huge bird collection? Hmmm...?

The owl is another sneaky guest among the planters. He is a bank and was probably a ceramic craft project of someone. He is marked S.H. Here is also a shot of an anthropomorphic planter. I love them and have a bunch. I believe I started out collecting these type along with the realistic type and then, eventually, any type.

I try to stay away from human animal planters, but I loved this Asian woman. She is a big planter (BlueGrass Brewing Company bottle for reference and relaxation purposes) and I actually "planted" her (a rare thing).

OK, so there you have a sampling of my collection.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Over the Pity Hill

I apologize for my horrrible photography skills. I cannot figure out how to turn off the flash and my apartment is basically a "living" tomb when it comes to light. Anyway, I thought I would share a few more of my finds from the past few weeks. I acquired them from various places like thrift shop, flea market or yard sales.

Feeling better now...I am over my pity party.

A granny purse! It has been so long since I found one. The print will go on the wall of bird prints (soon).
Religionalia (to use Kylie's word) I love, lotus rice bowls, a bowl marked USA, and the cute milkglass goblets (6).

I found this near Owensboro, KY. I love it. I hung it up in my apartment kitchen.

Gorgeous teak salad and serving bowls shown here. Now I need to purge a set (I think this one is the third set!) I think this one is the keeper.

I immediately loved the print on these plates. I only found two, plus two saucers. Why o why do thrift stores lose the rest of the set? Are they broken, scattered among the chains, bought?

Vera! Mikasa!

Oh, look! Darrell found Sadie the mule for his little cabin homestead.

Bottom of the bowl I showed yesterday. I love the shape and color.

Last, I broke my "no S & P sets" rule. These seemed pretty unique.