Thursday, June 2, 2011

Over the Pity Hill

I apologize for my horrrible photography skills. I cannot figure out how to turn off the flash and my apartment is basically a "living" tomb when it comes to light. Anyway, I thought I would share a few more of my finds from the past few weeks. I acquired them from various places like thrift shop, flea market or yard sales.

Feeling better now...I am over my pity party.

A granny purse! It has been so long since I found one. The print will go on the wall of bird prints (soon).
Religionalia (to use Kylie's word) I love, lotus rice bowls, a bowl marked USA, and the cute milkglass goblets (6).

I found this near Owensboro, KY. I love it. I hung it up in my apartment kitchen.

Gorgeous teak salad and serving bowls shown here. Now I need to purge a set (I think this one is the third set!) I think this one is the keeper.

I immediately loved the print on these plates. I only found two, plus two saucers. Why o why do thrift stores lose the rest of the set? Are they broken, scattered among the chains, bought?

Vera! Mikasa!

Oh, look! Darrell found Sadie the mule for his little cabin homestead.

Bottom of the bowl I showed yesterday. I love the shape and color.

Last, I broke my "no S & P sets" rule. These seemed pretty unique.


Kylie said...

Glad you're feeling chirpier Gina...
I love everything about that red bowl too, and the Mary and the little wooden house/mountain carving and well lets face it...I like it all!

C said...

I have a few of those teak salad bowls as well, we use them all around the house to hold things. Love the straight sides and rounded edges.

Brittany said...

Are those S&P shakers Mason symbols? How cool...I don't think that I've seen anything like them!