Friday, June 3, 2011

Collect Share Friday

I have been wanting to participate in Apron Thrift Girl's "Collect Share" project for some time, but I never seem to be at the right place when she has one. The bulk of my stuff still resides in Indiana, but I have managed to amass bits and pieces for the collections which have not made it out of Louisville (i.e. found a home within the last 9 months...OMG, it's been 9 months???)

I started early collecting the animal planters. Some time in the early nineties probably (maybe even before that time) and I still vividly remember a lamb planter I didn't buy as a youth. I loved it, but didn't feel a need to obsessively collect something back then (um, well, except books, Breyer horses, vintage clothing...OK, just joking, I have always been a collector!)

Back home in IN, I have some really neat ones: a skunk; a huge, turquoise fawn; a more realistic turtle (my first planter!). I'll have to do a part II to this post at some point.

OK, enough blah, blah, blah...


I love many styles and eras...this one early USA (unmarked). I also love Made in Japan and the more rare Made in England. I am not partial to the animal. Some of the brands off the top of my head: Lefton, McCoy, Brush, Shawnee. I even have an Avon one (the ducks with babies on the middle shelf).

We have two collie sisters and so I spent a little more than my self-imposed $3 max. I think she was $6 at a flea market, but it matched another one (sitting) I found a few years ago.

I showed you a made in USA and the collie is a Made in Japan, but I am not prejudice. This cutie was made in Mexico and will soon have cacti on his back. I have a soft spot for turtles-I even have one tattooed on my ankle!

(Sometimes non-animal planters make it into the collection. I love these ducklings found for 99c each.

Swans are all over my bathroom. In fact, my animal planter collection crosses many collection boundaries. Does she belong to this planter collection or is she part of my swan collection? Or maybe she is just part of my huge bird collection? Hmmm...?

The owl is another sneaky guest among the planters. He is a bank and was probably a ceramic craft project of someone. He is marked S.H. Here is also a shot of an anthropomorphic planter. I love them and have a bunch. I believe I started out collecting these type along with the realistic type and then, eventually, any type.

I try to stay away from human animal planters, but I loved this Asian woman. She is a big planter (BlueGrass Brewing Company bottle for reference and relaxation purposes) and I actually "planted" her (a rare thing).

OK, so there you have a sampling of my collection.


Kylie said...

they're lovely Gina, I especially like the bills bills bills one.
Wait till you see my newest piece of'll love it...I'll show you on Monday.

Gina said...

Ooh, can't wait, Kylie! I love your collection!

Anonymous said...

What a great and versatile collection. Those are the thimgs that draw my eye as well.

DearHelenHartman said...

So cute! I'm following you - not to Indiana, though I am near Louisville. Love those duckies, especially.