Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creep Around

I have only spent a handful of Saturdays down in Louisville because of my husband's work schedule (he works Friday and Saturdays). He has taken a couple of vacation days and I came down in the beginning to find housing. Because my "karma" seems off these days, he sweetly gave me a weekend in Louisville this weekend (family is coming down when he gets off work tonight).

So, what did I do with my freedom? Yard sale Louisville style, of course!

Sadly, yard saling is awful. Part of it may have been that I waited until Saturday and all the good stuff was gone, but it was mostly the people having the sales. Back home it seems people have yard sales to get rid of clutter; Louisville is all about American Pickers (I heard twice in one day how something was picked to be sold for more, ok).

The best deal was an Estate Sale being ran by the family. I bought a couple of celluloid santas, a bunch of old craft items, a couple of dictionaries, more lotus rice bowls, old clothespins, and box of canning jars for $10. I also went to an estate sale in the old part of Louisville (Highlands area) and, even though I only found one item I wanted, got to walk through a gorgeous Victorian house.

I went to one last sale (and this before 9:30 am) and they had a bunch of 1960-70 furniture for sale. It all smelled reeked of cigarette odor. I saw a newer, mass-produced bathroom cabinet that someone had painted (poorly) white. It was small enough to fit out tiny second bathroom back home. Nothing had prices (BIG pet peeve of mine; I truly hate bargaining prices). Meanwhile, an older gentleman with no teeth and days old stubble began following me around.. Every time I turned he was there. Finally, he asks me if I know Tina someoneorother. I said, "No..." (This after leaning into him so I could hear what he was saying. I think I saw him leering at my boobs). He says, "You favor her." Lord, I thought, I hope she has teeth!

I finally asked a lady (also with no teeth) how much for the cabinet and she says she has to ask. When she left, the old guy says, "She wants $5." I thought, "High." I said, "What about the stool and little table?" He says, "Those are $5 each...I'll take $15 for all three."

The little table was older, but poorly painted and wiggly. I was thinking $2. The old workshop stool was probably a bargain at $5, but this guy was creeping me out. I asked if he would take $10 for all three (I thought a much higher price than they were worth in yard sale terms). He replies, "Them's antiques!"

A few moments later, a lady with blond hair comes around and says gruffly, "I want $8 for that cabinet, Sweetie."

I said, "Oh, I'll have to get more money..." and RAN! The stuff smelled horribly and I would have to repaint the cabinet and the table (the stool had a million different paint drips on it, but I kind of liked how it looked). Ei ei ei...everyone's a picker!

I went home instead and later hit a thrift store. They prices may be a bit higher at the TS, but I don't have to feel uncomfortable. I have to say, and it is hard to judge from just one experience, Indiana is better in the yard sale arena. Maybe American Picker's hasn't hit the Indiana folks yet-the state has always been at least 5 years behind the rest of the country.

I am going to borrow something else from Kylie at Lucy Violet Vintage. If you haven't seen her wonderful blog, she ends her posts with a photo of her lovely tea towel collection. Recently, she has added a day in the life of Australia from a book she thrifted and I look forward to seeing the depiction of life down under in the '60's.

I found the book Kentucky Quilts 1800-1900 today at a sale and I thought I would share some of the artwork. My grandmothers, aunts, and beyond to the 1600-1700's (before they were inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands and England) were Appalachian quilt artists. My mom hoards has several quilts dating back to the late 1800's through 1970's. I am fascinated by quilts and hope to someday find the time to make one in the mountain tradition.


dogsmom said...

I think I would have run too! Heavy smoke smell would have had me gasping for air anyhow. I like how you appreciated being able to view a nice house even if you could not find your bargain. Your little autumn recipe box is the same one I had back in high school, or maybe even a bit before. So it is definitely vintage.

By the Bluegrass said...

I have that quilt book. It's very nice. It is the time of year for sales. We had one a couple of weeks ago. On the flip side, I felt like people wanted something for nothing. I put out some really nice things and people wanted it for nothing. I'd rather donate it. The kids clothes are what sold the most. I couldn't believe it. Our daughter made some good money that day!

Gina said...

It's funny there is no in-between; I've had sales like that too where I had cheap prices on everything and people still wanted it for less!

Thanks for the comments, Sena and Dogsmom!!