Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sort of on impulse, I took my boys up to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago yesterday. We all enjoyed the time looking at the beautiful diversity of the world's watery habitats (although, I have to note I had a hard time with the extreme crowds and really rude people. Really, I think we all need to revisit Etiquette 101. It's really becoming a loss art!)

My personal favorite Shedd inhabitant is the seahorses, but the exhibit is popular and I am on the 5'3" short side, so peering at them was impossible over the four-five deep layers of seahorse fans. I did, however, get to peer at the gorgeousness that is the jellies, anemones and the seadragons. Pretty animal-flowers of the deep.

 I also love the invasive species exhibit because, near and dear to me, I focused on invasive species (or, more specifically, how we erroneously encourage the spread in our urban forestry designs and habits)  for my thesis in university.

In addition to all the marine biology goodness, I saw the most impressive mason bee house near one of the entrances. If you have even a small flower or vegetable garden, attracting these tiny little pollinators is a total benefit for your plants. I've had on my list to build some of these practical little houses for years, mainly to gift the gardeners in my life (including myself). These houses, combined with mindful landscaping, can increase flower pollination which means greater fruit and vegetable production. Seeing this wonderful crafted house at the Shedd, I'm taking it as a sign that 2013 is the year to accomplish this goal! Clearly an oversight, I did not fish out my camera and take a picture of it. I hope it is still around when I return to the Field Museum (my favorite!) in February.

I've started revamping this place (in case it wasn't noticeable!) and I added a button below the header to see and/or follow my Pinterest pages if y'all are interested. I am adding some lovely Mason Bee Houses to my Urban Gardening folder.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

13 Goals for 2013 (part II)

13 Goals for 2013

8.      Purge stuff: This one also makes the list every. single. year. I could easily be a hoarder. I also love thirfting! In the following months, I need to finish unpacking boxes in Louisville and I have a basement and garage full of stuff at my other home. My hope is that I can let go. I also hope to revamp the Etsy shop and start eBay selling. Either way, I need to lose some stuff. It would be extremely unrealistic for me to say I’m going to stop thrifting. It’s not going to happen, however, I can go through old books and clothes and items impulsively bought that I have no need for and purge some of the excess clutter.  My direct goal: Remove one item for every item I bring home in 2013 by selling, donating, gifting, purging or recycling.

9.      Consume Less: This one goes hand-in-hand with #8. I therapy thrift. I shop without plans. I am disorganized and impulsive when I buy. I really need to write a list of wanted items and stick to it with the occasional ‘surprise’. No more going grocery shopping without a list or plan. No more eating out because I am too lazy to cook something. No more making more food than I or my family can reasonably consume. I need to think about every item that makes it into my basket prior to purchase. I need to practice a “no buy” policy from time to time. My direct goal: For 2013, Shop with a list and a budget.

10.  Hike more: I was once a child of nature. Back in the day, I would disappear for hours into the woods. Sometimes I just sat under a tree reading. Sometimes I looked under rocks for beautiful creatures to study. I was happy there. As I have aged, I find I have no time for the woods. Kentucky and Indiana both offer so many trails and exploring paths for the public. I have a lot of bogus excuses like coldness and tiredness and timeliness, but I have no valid excuse. Last year, I hiked a park in KY in the dead of January winter. Another winter day, the boys and I walked the Ohio and picked up river glass. These are some of my best memories of last year. Bottom line, I need to get back outside.  My direct goal: Hike once a month for 2013.

11.    Pay Debts: Another annual favorite for the ol’ New Year goal list. I know I can do it. Last year, once decided, in just six months I saved enough by proverbially eating rice and beans to outright buy my fixer-upper in KY with cash. I need to pay attention to where the money flows in my financial life. I covered this slightly under #9, but I need to explore what makes the red (and hopefully soon the black) and fix some stupid money crap. I have a bad habit of becoming complacent (i.e. budgeting gets to be a drag or once I get what I want go back to bad habits). I plan to go back to a cash system and my thrifting budget will be finite. My food budget the same. No more randomly shopping Target and Amazon. If I eat out and find my money short, so be it-I eat rice and beans. Of course, my diet focus will help since I actually do plan to eat rice and beans as part of my regular diet! My direct goal: Budget and Plan for debt payoff and purchases in 2013.

12.   Sew Something: I actually have something specific in mind, but I hope to branch out and take a class possibly. I own three sewing machines (one a Xmas gift from years ago and two thrifted). I also own tubs and tubs of vintage fabric. I want to make my favorite blanket: a quilt. I’d also like to alter some thrifted clothing like shorten a dress or change out buttons. Easy, right? I could have just as easily called this one ‘use what I already have…”! My direct goal: Piece together a quilt from my saved fabrics by Nov. 2013.

13.   Play more: This one actually comes from my enlightenment due to the tragic events in Connecticut and is probably the most abstract goal on the list. I have two elementary school age sons, one of which is the same age as those beautiful children. I rarely talk about them here because I believe in keeping their lives somewhat private; however, I also tend to be a bit of an introverted parent. I am busy with a career and an irregular schedule and lifestyle and find myself too rushed to just play at times. I need to spend more time with these boys. Hike with them, sew with them, teach them about budgets and healthy diets, bake them more cakes and cookies, play with the dog with them, photograph them, play dollhouse with them and encourage them in learning new things about house construction, money, crafts and art. Practice archery with them (all three of us just happen to be getting bows under the tree in 2012). Above all, open myself up to love more for life is not only unpredictable, but rather scary at times. Time is fleeting. My direct goal: Be a more playful parent in 2013 (and hopefully beyond).

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

13 Goals for 2013 (part I)

The time is finally upon us!
Time to say good-bye 2012 and hello 2013!
Here is my annual list of New Year goals. Each year, with the brightest of hope, I follow this rite of passage. I posted ones for 2011 and 2012. Note: I have been anything but consistent in my goal approach. I've tried long lists, short ones, ones for each year of my life and for each month of the year and unfortunately, I often fail to master any of my goals (my energy wanes with the sun). The annual goal list, however, is a much loved self-tradition, my chance to start a clean slate. I'm pretty certain I will always create a goal list when a year ends and a new one begins.
The last few years have left me feeling a bit on the weary side. Above all else in the New Year, I hope to reclaim my energy and a brighter outlook on life. I've decided lucky 13 is a good number to attempt. I am optimistic I can succeed in 2013.
 So, what are your goals for the New Year? I can't wait to read all the lists in the next few days!
13 Goals for 2013

1.       Study Photography: I learn best auto-didactically. When I focus on a task I love, I can easily become absorbed and teach myself the basics. When I practice the new task, I become better. This is my underlying objection for all my goals, but photography is something I really want to improve. I want to understand and try new-to-me techniques. Learn the power and the mechanics of the cameras I own.  My direct goal: Take at least one photo a day for 2013.

2.       Construct Dollhouses: Years (and years) ago my mother gave me two dollhouse kits that my late father gifted her. They languished in closets at her home before coming to me where they languished in new closets. I have been inspired again of late by the gorgeous blogs showing off their dollhouses. I also have a beautiful thrifted one that just needs to be repaired and decorated. My direct goal: To be able to decorate at least one of my houses for Christmas 2013.

3.       Bake Things: I have a secret wish to be a baker. As a scientist, in fact a chemist and biologist, I love the science of yeast and chemicals. I love the smell and texture of baked goods. I have quite a stockpile of books dedicated to the art of baking and it is time to get my nose out of the book and into the oven. My direct goal: Bake 13 new things in 2013.

4.       Do Housework: As is my attention-deficit way, I lost steam on the new Louisville house in fall 2012. The house, at the time of this writing, has an incomplete kitchen floor, a front room color that reminds me of Pepto-Bismol, a significant missing ceiling in the bedroom, and unpacked boxes cluttering nearly every room (to name a very, very few). I love the house and want to make it a happy place again. My direct goal: By Summer 2013, unpack boxes, complete paint, install flooring, plant a landscape, put up the siding and paint the gingerbread trim.

5.       Blog a life: I have mental plans to revamp and reconstruct my blog(s) this year. My hope is that I can improve on some of the mechanics of keeping a blog. I’ve been a writer in my past and a lover of words since I was a wee lass. I hope to become a more organized blogger in 2013, maybe create some regular blogging categories. Basically, I want to create a blog that fits me and hopefully others will want to read it too. I really want to design a blog that is user friendly and individualistic to me. My direct goal: Revamp the blog and post five three times a week in 2013.

6.       Adopt a Friend: Most of the animals that have graced my life have been found in an animal shelter or rescue. Last year, Orca the Boston terrier came into my life. It changed my outlook on living part time away from my family by leaps and bounds. I was a lonely girl. I hope to extend that circle of friendship by adopting another beast (cat, dog, rabbit, bird-not yet determined). My direct goal: Adopt a shelter animal in 2013.

7.       Lose Weight: I know this one sounds really cliché. I also really don’t mean to place the focus on weight lose, but on getting healthy. Again. The move in late 2010 and the following stressful years gave me 30 extra pounds. Ouch. It’s hard to believe, but prior to the move I jogged three miles nearly every day. I was healthy and felt wonderful. I miss that feeling. I believe diet is a big component of being healthy and  I do plan to work on my diet next year, but I think being active is the key. My direct goal: Eat vegetarian/vegan and run/walk a marathon in 2013.
Tune in tomorrow for Part II (Goals 8-13)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Excuse the Dust and Silence

I have just not had the time to commit to this blog like I want. I'm not  sure if I just am having trouble finding my niche or life is just too hectic at the moment. The past couple of years have been anything but smooth and I have attempted to keep this place light and happy (as much as possible) as I have a tendency to get a bit blue, but the past few months have been a roller coaster of work, life, and other menial pursuits. This time of year, especially, always feels so rushed and time consuming.

And, I cannot say how saddened I am by Friday's tragedy. I can honesty say I am a pillar of stoic silence in the face of an emergency, but I burst out in tears and grief when I heard the news. I know, statistically and historically speaking, this is an event less likely to happen than being struck by lightning, but does statistics or history really matter to those grieving families, friends and community. Why does it seem compassion is no longer a part of our society?

All being said, I do not want to give up on blogging. I started my first blog in 2004-the year of the great blogging birth (in my humble opinion) and kept it religiously until 2010(ish). It provided me an outlet I desparately needed in my life at that time. Likewise, I started this one when I changed a bunch of life events and needed something to focus on once again. The old blog, I kept a bit on the real side of bleakness. It ended up tiring me out. So, where I consider this one to be a lifestyle blog too, I have tended to focused a lot of the posts on thrifting (a hobby since my teenage years), something that makes me happy. I kind of wish I had mixed things up a bit more.

So, for 2013, I hope to revamp this space. I feel like I just haven't devoted the time and energy to make it mine. I have goals and hopes for next year and I really need a sounding board. Blogs are the perfect medium for sharing and developing creativity. I still believe this to be true (lord knows I love reading them!) I want to refine my blogging/writing skills. I also have a side goal of learning better photography and I will need a place to share what I learn.

In case you didn't notice, I am going to be going through a bit of transformation. I know it looks really wonky right now! I hope those of you who do read here decide to come back.

Meanwhile, have a happy, healthy, harmonious holiday season! See you on the other side of winter darkness!

Monday, November 19, 2012

File Under: I Like

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned The Dainty Squid in past posts, but in case I have not allow me to introduce this great blog to y'all. Kaylah is a twenty-something, adorable writer. What first grabbed my attention to her cute blog was the fact she is self-proclaimed amature mycologist. Now, as an ecological biologist and an amature naturalist myself, this intrigued me. Well, I ended up loving all of her posts. (So much in fact, I even have been considering painting my rough nails of late!) I adore her style. And, she is a thrifter (need I say more?)

Now as much as I love her photographs of mushrooms and insects and other natural beauties and recommend her blog squarely on this alone, it is also great time to visit her blog for another reason: She is giving away a Jo Tote camera bag!

Visit this post to enter, but check out the rest of her blog as well!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Monday

Well, time sure flies. I have been a busy, busy girl of late. Work is my main excuse-travel, an office move, and just general keeping up. I spent last week in Alabama and a friend and I thrifted a bit. Today, however, was 50% off day at the Unique in Louisville and I shopped early this morning (despite a general abhorrence of crowds and a very packed store). I found what would have been one of my favorite thrift finds ever. I really thought the thrift gods were with me today; however, this is my little treasure now (slightly mended):
Yes, on my way to the car with an armful of poorly packaged items, I dropped the box containing all of my unwrapped breakables. I nearly burst in tears! I partly blame the thrift for not going an extra inch and wrapping the fragile stuff in paper. I also would have been happy to have them placed in the sweater I bought. I absolutely despise some of the workers at Unique because they have broken many an item tossed carelessly in a bag. Damn it, Unique people, these items have made it through decades, continents and a even possibly a donation bin just to be destroyed upon purchase by your lack of concern.

Have you ever had an item destroyed by carelessness of thrift store employees?

In fairness, I have to say, though, that are also really good cashiers I've encountered there as well. Sadly, this was not the case today. I also partly blame myself for thinking I could balance a fragile bag on top of two board games. I was prefectly aware they had carelessly packed her. The accident happened as I tried to put my armful down to open my trunk. I relived the moment a few times in my head, wishing I had just taken the time to wrap my fragile items myself (the other item to shatter was an old Buddha). I checked eBay and Etsy and the sweet, vintage Lucky Cat is not widely available (or cheap). I found this one for 90 cents. I tried gluing it back together, but it shattered in too many pieces. I had to accept defeat.

Lucky Cat!
Sharing my Thrift sadness with the choir: Sir Thrift A Lot

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dogs, Cats, Horses & Roosters Can See Ghosts

Once again, life has been squashing the time out of me. It's hard to believe my beloved Halloween is only days away! I really hope that soon I can post something original again, but for now enjoy this instructional by the late, great Vincent Price.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Tonight, the weather folks gave the warning for the first frost of the year.
I spent the day hurrying through the chores of a northern farm sensing the impending end of warm days for 2012.
 If you could do more than see through to this blog, you would smell the perfume of falling leaves, smoke from a nearby campfire and the end of summer; hear the call of wild turkey hens and crickets; feel the cool breeze in the air and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet; taste the sparkle of frost gathering in the north.
I love fall. It is the only season to have two names. It is the season of my favorite holiday, my birthday, and the magic of changing trees.

 I also feel a little bittersweet this time of year. The garden winds down and the frost harvest ends the season of tomatoes. The sunlight crawls away and the darkness gathers.

The garden has been great this year. I've managed to harvest more than we need from nearly every plant. Spaghetti squash, while not a winter keeper, will keep us fed through early winter months.

The peppers seem to know no end to their bounty and I will be sad to see their demise.

Even the flowers I have planted half-heartedly gave me more than I ever expected this year. Again, the frost will not be a welcome friend.
 I have pretty much taken whatever is left in the garden-all except for a few of the aptly named Peter peppers from which I am hoping to save seeds.
I was not the only one hurrying to complete autumn chores today.
It's been chilly much earlier this autumn than the two past ones. I love fall, but I am dreading another brutally cold winter.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I am really loving Icelandic Soley. Her voice is soothing, yet dark and perfect for this rainy Louisville afternoon...

Thrift Sharin': Odd and Wishlist finds

The Odd finds: Mother Shipton door knocker (ebay find), rusty "O" and crosses (found in my yard).
Wishlist find: I have really, really wanted one of these trophies for some time! It's hard to read, but the tag says, "R. Trent, Ft. Knox, KY 1962."

And Bonus find: This old wooden Hop Ching board was just a great score at $1.99.
In the background of two of these photos is the new Louisville house. I painted the living room and some of the trim this weekend, but I already know I'm going to repaint. I do like the trim color which is called Scottish Road. I thought it was a grayish color (I found it in the "oops" section), but it is more of a vintage green color. I think I am going to repaint the walls a vintage map blue. All and all, the house is coming along, just a little slower than I like!
Linking up to Sir-Thrift-Alot and Apron Thrift Girl.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thrift Share: Busy Life

My latest thrifty additions. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't work (ignore the dust), so if I can't get it fixed, I think I will make it into a bar.
And, I love this little planter.
Life has been really busy again. We are nearing the end of the year at my work (we operate under fiscal years) and I have a lot of reports to finish. I have a lot of changes coming soon (more on that in future posts). One thing is I am going to be working from home come October (YAY!), so I had to change the priority list of chores on the Louisville house and move the office up to the top slot. My house is a HUGE work-in-progress.

Monday, September 3, 2012

2 in 1 Day!

So, when I wrote my post about discontinuing the blog, I had really bad Internet. I really think this has been part of my reluctance to post and make my entries more interesting. I absolutely despise uploading slow photos!

However, in the following week I finally have very fast Internet installed at the Louisville house. This has made web surfing so much more fun! I have downloaded some great music (recent favorites above, but I recently heard an old favorite and highly recommend this talented Brit's collection as well!)
I have found great new blogs to drool over:
The Dainty Squid (I've actually been reading this one for awhile, but I thought I would share it. She is so cute and I love her lavender hair!)

Sanctuary (I was going to link to a specific post I loved, but the decor is gorgeous!)

Decor 8 (Another pretty decor blog!)

And, I think I found the counter I need in my kitchen, but I would like your opinion. It's from Martha Stewart Living craft collection. I love it as far as the design (this will be going in a tight spot that a traditional counter wouldn't fit right, I need to take a better photo) and the size is perfect. My only hesitation is whether those flat item drawers would be practical in a kitchen. I guess I could store utensils and smaller items, napkins/tablecloths, and dishtowels there. My vintage dishes and pots/pans can be stored in the open on the bottom. And, I was thinking I could add casters to the bottom.

So what do you think? My artistic, eccentric 5 year old likes it!

Thrift Share: The WV Edition

Well, hello, Y'all!

If I didn't chase you off with all my pity party antics, do you wanna see what I scored in West Virginia last weekend?

First, I have to admit I actually was able to visit flea markets as part of my job! Cool, right? I think I went to about 26 flea markets and after 10 or so, I was tired of them (did I just say that?)

Sadly,most of the WV flea markets were not my cup of tea (knock off new merchandise, new 'vintage/primitive' items, close-out food, etc.) Anything actually vintage was priced amazingly high. Oh, how I miss the days of junky, cheap flea markets. And, KY has spoiled me.

But, I did find some items and one of the pop-up fleas I stumbled upon was one of the best. Prices were in the $0.10-1.50 range and there was so much great junk! Here is where I admit something really dumb: I had exactly $2.38 in cash on me (WTH was I thinking?!) Nevertheless, I spent the total I had on me on that particular visit and this included some great local pears.

Later, I went to the ATM, but I never found another flea market like it. The biggest regret? I saw a perfect McCoy turtle planter and was down to 50c in my pocket. I decided to ask the price certain if it was cheap enough I could scrounge up change in my vehicle. However, when I returned, it was gone! Of course, us thrifters know the moral of that story! Oh well, c'est la vie...

But let's not fret, onwards to the treasures:

My favorite find: An old coal bucket! I was looking at it and a guy says, "How about $1?" Oh, yes...sold! And, yes, that would be a mint D-I-V-O-R-C-E album.
Bag of cookie cutters.
 Look! I can make a political statement: Donkey, Indian, Cowboy, Elephant.
Can you guess my preference? ;)
Teeny tiny chip on one edge, but I love it anyway!
The birds were kind of pricey, but they are cute. The pitcher is my WV souvenir.
I found three of these. I already have mama and another baby at home.
I love dalmatians.
I really miss Isaac the dalmatian that lived with me for 15 years.
Almost forgot this little spoon rest. I bought it for a dime (!) at that super cheap flea market.
Linking up to Sir Thrift-A-Lot (thanks for hosting-I miss them too!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello! I am a Horrible Blogger.

I first started a blog back in 2004 (actually, I had a short lived one even further back-maybe 2003?) and I was pretty good at keeping up on it. I would probably say it was a lifestyle blog with an undertone of homesteading arts. That blog even lead to a regular contribution on a shared blog at one point, but bad politics drove me away. Back then, photographs were rare and a pleasant treat on blogs. People just wrote out thoughts, it seemed.

A few years ago, I went through a rough patch in my life. This was around the same time I quit the shared blog. The rough patch grew and grew into a festering wound and one day I just quit blogging. I still read blogs and (I hope) still commented, but I couldn't face creating any more posts for that blog. I still have it, locked under password, because it is very hard to throw almost 6 years of your history away, but it's long since grown dusty and cold.

A couple of months after I closed up the blog, I found myself suddenly in a new city with a new job position. It was lonely. To compensate for the loneliness, I did the only thing I could think to do: go thrifting. And, I started blogging again with a new focus.

I have just never been able to feel this blog. I know it sucks. I know my photos are hastily taken (or just really bad-I would love to take some photography classes). I know my words are dry and predictable. I know this place lacks interest...or direction.

Sometimes I think about writing a post and it seems witty and sunny (this especially happens while driving). I mentally see how I will stage some photos, but, of course, it never happens. I blame laziness. And fatigue. Or maybe it is just lack of interest on my part to create something witty and nice.

I have such mixed feelings about where blogging has gone since 2004. Back then and, I would say, until maybe 2008, blogs were personal, like reading letters from friends. It seemed a whole lot easier. Now, it seems everyone wants to be a columnist or mini-magazine creators. And, while I do love many, many "professional" blogs out there and all the ideas and really good photography, I feel a little like a lost little fishie in a sea of big swordfish. I mean, it's a ridiculous feeling to harbor because I do not even want or have the time to be a blogging shark, I just don't know why I bother with all the work it takes to post words and pictures if all I can produce is substandard bullcrap.
And, I don't know where I fit in. I'm not young and hip anymore (oh, how I would have loved having this technology in my 20's!) , but I am a Gen Xer and I'm not ready to be old and gobble necked either (OK, I thrifted Nora Ephron's book over the weekend). For example, I have closets full of great vintage clothing and shoes and I would love to do some of those "What I'm Wearing" posts, but I'm camera shy. And, truth be told, I sometimes feel like I may be too old to do one! Then, thoughts like that one just piss me off. I mean I would never feel that way about another person caught in these f*cking middle years or any age for that matter. Why are we so hard on ourselves?
I also seem to suffer from blogging ADD. When I run down the options for subjects, this is what I get:  I probably seem like such a horrible mom (I mean what sort of mom leaves her kids to take a job transfer and then lets 2 years race by?), so I will never be a parenting blog (can't stand those type of blogs anyway to be bluntly honest). I also try to respect my children's privacy somewhat. I do love to cook, but I have no interest in sharing my creations. I have no time (thanks to job-again) to travel for fun. The farm is not much of a farm anymore, so I am not homesteading anymore (it's kind of hard to farm when you are away the majority of the week). I do plan to urban farm in the near future, but I have more pressing house projects to get to first. My marriage has been a mess for years, so no cute stories there. I do thrift, but that has caused a serious clutter issue and I have slowed way down.  I am not much of a reseller. I'm not creative or crafty. I guess I am a lifestyle blog again, but one stuck in a life somewhat twisted and strange (not necessarily in a good way). I have a hard time focusing enough to write a decent post anymore.
All of this mumble jumble nonsense is to say I am not sure I am going to continue the blog. I do appreciate the comments and visitors I've had over the past couple of years. Thank you for sticking it out with me! I do apologize for the boring posts and the crappy photos.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thrift Share: Summer Wind Down

Yesterday, the boys decided to go to the water park for a last "splash" before school starts next week. I thought I would stay home and get caught up on the mountains of tomatoes the garden is spitting out; however, I decided to go to the city (the one I grew up in) and go yard saling with my mom instead.

We got a bit of late start due to my travel time (traffic was hell), but I don't think that would have made a difference. Although numerous, the yard sales were horrible! I cannot stress how jealous I am of those of you with areas full of treasure-filled sales each week.

(Probably the best item gleaned from the yard sales: a box of study cards featuring the human muscles. I can't find a publication date, but I really like them!)
I mainly saw W*lmart crap with huge price tags. One lady even told my mother she wouldn't go down on a $20 item because Menard's sells them for $25. Um, ok. Walking back to the car, my mom says, "Menard's has them on sale for $15 this week." (I can't remember what the item was.)

While in route to the neighborhood sales, I had spied an estate sale sign and finally talked my mom into going. She was stopping at and most had obvious crap. I really wish we had gone to the ES first as it was pretty picked over. I did find a couple of things, but nothing spectacular. My favorite find at the ES was the old 1936 yearbook (they had 1936-1939, but they wanted a lot for them).

(Big pumpkin is newer merchandise, but I liked his retro feel; a plate stand, an old strainer; two 3m games; little shelf; granny afghan; and 1936 yearbook)

(The yearbook was the best find at the estate sale.)

Later, I had to go to the a department store for school supplies. I forgot there is a Salvation Army in the same shopping center. I found my favorite thing of the day there: a wool afghan. I stopped by another local thrift store and found three tiny handmade baskets with a maker's mark.

(Thrift store finds: small, handmade baskets; wool afghan; and hand knitted wash cloths)

On the way home, I stopped at a church sale near my house (they hold one every few months and I had doubts) and I found a few nice things there. And, the best part, their prices ranged from 10c-$1.00. I bought about ten ornate state plates marked only 10c each, including KY, TN, and GA. I wished I had made a quick stop earlier in the day.

(old knit blanket, muffin tins, table runner, 1/10 state plate, milk glass dish)

(State plate price tag-I left behind probably 10-15 others)
I guess I will hold out hope for the autumn sales, but I can find cheap, wonderful junk at the flea markets in KY all year long. This prospect makes yard saling less appealing to me anymore.  Oh, how I miss those glory days of Garage Sale yore when vintage, unwanted attic clutter ruled the card tables-and gas was less than $1.50/gal (sadly, not that long ago...)!

Like Flea Market Treasures? Apron Thrift Girl has a link up!

(And, Sophie, you are in my thoughts!)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Land of Louisville

I live here.

Remember days ago I mentioned I still had another thrift find to share with you all? Well, the item will not exactly be "vintage" until next year, but I love it!

Yes, it is a map of Louisville! It is really big and I had a difficult time photographing it (coupled with the bad lighting in this old Shotgun house). It was published in 1993. Guess how much it cost? $0! I found it in a dumpster!

Here are some other items I have failed to share in the weeks past:

I'm looking for the perfect vintage bird!

Steamboat plastic wall art (I plan to paint this one of these days. I couldn't resist a steamboat image living so close to the Ohio).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thrift Share: Mink, Cat, Cardinal

Thrifting less, but I had a few scores this week anyway. Everything pictured was found in Louisville. I do have one other (FABULOUS!) thing to photograph and plan to post about it soon. I apologize for the horrible photograph (as usual). The cat and cardinal are just more tchotchkes I probably don't need, and the wooden shelf is a spoon holder. The mink stole is vintage. The white shelf will look great in the new house.

Here is a close up of the cute, kitschy string holder.

These Kentucky bourbon bottles are a dime a dozen at the thrifts here, but I do pick one up now and then. I really liked this cardinal (KY and about dozen others' state bird).

I am currently struggling to pick paint colors for the new house. For the living room (aka "first room" in a Shotgun House), I have it narrowed down to French Lilac (grey with a hint of lilac) or Silver French (a silvery grey). I've painted the test squares, but they are so close and I'm not sure the first one has too much purple. However, I'm afraid too much grey alone will be too gloomy. I just can't decide...the main thing is it needs to look good with all my kitschy decor! I really like Victorian through 1940's (i.e. other than a bit here and there, I am not really a Mid Century vintage fan). And I definitely mix up the eras (I guess I would describe my decor taste's as Vintage Modern or maybe Bohemian-I have a ton of books and plants). Any suggestions or thoughts on these colors?

Friday, August 3, 2012

August, Already

I'm not really sure why, but I have never been a fan of August. Maybe it's like any "last month" of a season. At least here in the states, August is void of holidays and it seems like the month of in-between (in-between fun summer things and back to school grind). Whatever the reason, August is here and I am feeling my usual bout of overwhelm. I have a number of work projects to complete (we do the Fiscal Year thing at work and it is about to end), I have chores to get done, a very productive garden (I'm not complaining!) to preserve, a new house to organize, an old house to purge and clean, and two more weeks of travel for work. Yuck.

When it all piles on me like this, despite being a piler (and not a filer), the pile just seems to mold into one, big mess of work. It makes me feel scattered and less productive. Making lists definitely helps, but I am not good at accomplishing my lists (actually, the trouble is I make way to many lists on scrap papers, here, in my head and they become another mountain dump of everything). For me, the main benefit of lists is that it help me see that I only have 4 or 5 items to do instead of a mountain of things and it alleviates that feeling of dreadful overwhelm.

So, an August list I will make and I will try hard to remember where it resides:


  • Finish outstanding case files (9)
  • Put safety documents in a folder to be reviewed by team
  • Finish special operation plans
  • Jot down ideas for performance plan
  • Can regular salsa
  • Can tomatoes
  • Make pickled banana peppers
  • Try jalapeno jam
  • Dry extra Thai peppers
  • Can Salsa Verde
  • Make jam from old fruit in freezer
New Home:
  • Finish installing kitchen flooring (it is looking great!)
  • Find a kitchen island or work bench
  • Install roof on camelback
  • Focus on Living Room (LR) and Kitchen (K)
  • Paint LR and K
  • Hang blinds/curtains
Old Home:
  • Declutter kitchen (one room a month)
  • Finish painting kitchen
  • Rotate couches
  • Get items ready for sister's yard sale
  • Install tiles on landing
  • Paint window trim (exterior)
  • Have furnace serviced
  • Get 6 months of tax receipts organized (maybe make it less overwhelming in January)
  • File away old paperwork
  • Put together a new budget
  • Photograph items and revamp Etsy shop
  • Look into a booth at KY flea market
  • Make spreadsheet for rent tracking
  • Update lease
  • Buy school supplies for boys
  • Exercise at least twice weekly
  • Eat less sugar
  • Attend a neighborhood revitalization meeting

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thrift Share: The Couch

I never showed y'all the couch I found in a Northern IN Salvation Army for the KY house. It is beautiful (however, it is also dirty and I haven't had time to clean it up yet). It looks prefect in the house.

And, I suppose I kind of thrifted the KY house really since it had been abandoned by an investment company (I believe the house was being used as a boarding house) and I bought it for less than a used mid-economy car! (Really, this is kind of sad.) The fireplace was one of the original 1900 feature left untouched. All those weeks of driving by the house (while in contract) was to make sure it was still there.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wall Art Paper

OK, the majority are way out of my current price range, but I am completely in love with so many of the wallpaper designs on The Wallpaper Collective. I'm sure everyone else has known about them for years, but I stumbled upon the animal silhouettes with skeletons on Pinterest tonight and had to take a gander. I can see a wall in a bedroom covered in this gorgeous wallpaper (sadly, not for $198/roll at the moment).