Saturday, December 3, 2011

41 Goals List Revisited (Dec)

Well, November flew. I don't believe I even glanced at my personal goal list last month, although I did manage to cross two items off (Etsy store created and the B12 injections started). I am behind on others (like, wasn't I going to make a thrifted recipe once a month? Will two items count in December?)

December's really here.In other words (John Lennon's actually), " Another year over and a new one just begun..." To be frank, I am just not really a winter fan. I despise the cold, the high heating bills, driving on icy roads, the constant dampness, the darkness. I tend to get a little melancholy this time of year (although, 2011 seems to have been an overall melancholy year for me due to many factors). That being said, I see a few items I need to focus on this month: working out (great for melancholy), reading, writing, the first two goals, the one where I don't let work pile up, and any other involving indoor activity. I mean I really doubt I will hike any state parks, hold a yard sale, or (truth be told) even get out much until spring (107 days and counting).

OK, here it is again...

1. Play with the boys more often
2. Record their lives (e.g. photo albums, scrapbooks, etc.)
3. Get out and make some friends (KY)
4. Be a tourist in my home place(s)
5. Plan a Nashville vacation with Hubby in Oct.
6. Plan to attend next year’s family reunion in VA (paternal side)
7. Pay down 25% of our debt
8. Purge at least 25% of our crap
9. Create an Etsy store or try selling (not buying!) on Ebay
10. …Or at least have a yard sale
11. Work out three times a week (my choice!)
12. Find the “choice” in things, not the chore
13. Prepare to move next summer to new apartment or house
14. Sell or keep renters in little house (rented)
15. Refinance little house
16. Attend one event in Louisville per month.
17. Take more photographs, print out these photographs
18. Learn to use the Camera (better)
19. Learn to artfully edit photographs
20. Walk/run a marathon next spring or summer
21. Finish the vintage camper by next summer
22. Read one new book per month (sad, I used to be such a reader)
23. Purge read, never-read-again books
24. Try listening to books in the car while traveling for work
25. Go to the dentist X2 (I’m late on my check-ups=friendly reminder to self)
26. Organize-leaving it vague on purpose (work and home)
27. Take lunch to work, eat at home mor
e28. Write again-anything!
29. Work on my blog, be diligent about posties, don’t pigeon hole your life
30. Don’t pigeon hole your life (warrants a repeating)
31. Learn a new craft32. Hike KY state parks
33. Get the B12 injections as suggested by dr (maybe it would help the fatigue)
34. Get a new tattoo
35. Try a new recipe from thrifted Cookbook once a month (maybe even per week!)
36. Don’t let work pile up, be efficient
37. Take a class
38. Do yoga again
39. Donate blood regularly
40. Try growing cactus from seed
41. TBD


fullfreezer said...

looks like a great list. I need to take stock of my life as well and revamp my list of goals.
I'm so glad I've 'found' you again. I'll have to read back to see what you've been up to.

Gina said...

Hi Judy! Yes, a lot of changes in late 2010 (moved to KY for a different job). I sort of fell off the homesteading/sustainable living wagon, but 2012 is going to see a resurgence on my part as I buckle down to get my goals actually accomplished!

I was happy to see your comment on Stephanie's blog! :)