Saturday, December 31, 2011

And We Didn't Die of Botulism

Tonight the man and I tried the infused cherry vodka I made 04/2010 (or at least this is what the hastily scrawled marker said on the Mason jar lid). I vaguely remember throwing sweet cherries we picked in Michigan into jars and adding 100 proof vodka. A little shaking for a few days and then a long, forgotten ride on a shelf in the basement, Sweet Cherry Vodka was made. I think I was actually suppose to make a syrup after a couple of days of infusion and properly preserve it, but (if I remember correctly I was planning to make a cordial), I begin a long, slow stumble to Louisville and a very hectic life and so many projects were banished into the crevices of a stressed out mind.

So, tonight I strained the cherries out and stared at the gorgeous magenta liquor. I put it in a recycled, clean bourbon bottle. Despite it's aesthetically pleasing appearance, I was scared to try it. I'm not sure why as I have been preserving my own food for years. Man came home, I showed him the cherry vodka and he picked it up and tried it. "Mmm...," he said. Then made himself a drink. I sipped a little and waited to see if the mixture was contaminated. Well, two hours later we are both still here and enjoying our drinks.


fullfreezer said...

LOL! What could live in 100 proof Vodka?
Have a grand evening and a happy 2012.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I once thought I had botulism from my salsa. It turned out to be some disease I caught from the kids at school that caused me to be very stiff and sore for about two weeks. Regardless, I quit putting corn in my salsa after that.