Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Catch-up

(Ok, not sure what the connection is, but I like the images from The Graphics Fairy!)

I think most of the folks that read here do so on Monday Thrift Share days, but for those who read other posts I thought I would do a little catch-up of all the little ends I leave here. first, I got my lab tests back and I was not crazy on feeling how I have for the past few months (fatigued, dizzy, nausea, anxiety, tingling of the arms/legs...)...hmm, I have felt this way twice before (Hint: S8 and L4).

Um, no, this is not the case this time (BIG sigh). It seems I have depleted a very good portion of my B12. Typical lower limits of normal are 200 pg/ml. My levels are below 100. The weirdest part of all of this is I was a vegetarian for more than 13 years and never had this problem. I eat tons of eggs because I have a rather large flock of chickens and they are laying like crazy. Around lent, I did decide to lower my meat consumption and have only been eating meat a couple of days a week (if at all). I suspected I might be anemic (bruises and dizziness), but I would have never guessed B12 deficiency! I started muscle injections (because I am way below normal) and have to take two children's vitamins a day (I get horribly ill after taking adult vitamins). I feel so much relief that I truly was not going crazy (besides being apart from my children, there is an actual physiological reason for my anxiety).

I have also cut myself off from thrifting. Yes, you heard right. I am spending too much money and an expected, yet unexpected debt has come due and we need to get it paid. I am not happy about it, but that is life. I am accumulating too much crap anyway. I am not a ReSeller because I don't have the time. I would love to have a booth at one of these great flea markets in KY, but not in the near future (I really need to get family moved first, LOL!)

So, I am giving myself a 2nd quarter New Year goal: Use up what you have, read your thrifted books, and create instead of accumulate. In other words, I have stacks of books and magazines, I have tons of fabric and crafty items and I need to find ways of displaying my lovely treasures. I also need to purge or store (If I can't part with it right now).

I will still share on Mondays or other linky days because I like to be part of those parties. It's just that my finds will be past finds (I could share for the next three years without setting foot into another thrift store or flea market!)

If I find myself jones-ing for some thrift, well, I'll set myself a limit, take out cash and have at it. It will be a challenge to spend only what green I have on hand (and not be tempted to take out a debit card). I have never had a shopping issue, but I go through stages where I think I "self-medicate" my stress by thrifting. I think right now Flintstone Vitamins may be the better way to go.

Husband is on his way down to KY as I type. We are going out to eat (Bardstown Road area if you are ever in town for the Derby or whatnot is an interesting Indie-ish part of town with local restaurants, pubs and shops) tonight and tomorrow night (if it is not rained out) we will be at the Decemberists concert.

Oh, here comes the rain again...

Thrift Share Monday: If I Had a Boat

Louisville is threatening to float away to the Gulf of Mexico via the O-hio River. We have had rain upon rain upon rain with a forecast of more rain. Nevertheless, I found some things to share this week:

Dollhouse! I bought it because 1) I have wanted one since I read the Tasha Tudor books in the '80's and 2)It was only $5. I love the wallpaper with teeny birds and butterflies. It needs a few repairs, but all the parts were included. I actually have one of these kits that my mother gave me years ago, but I confess it is still in the box and packed in the attic. I mean I have only had it for about 13 years-when was I suppose to have time to complete it??? ;)

Vintage souvenir pillow covers for the old canned ham 1956 trailer I have (and will photograph once the winter tarps are removed). Niagara Falls and Puerto Rico (there was also a Great Smokey Mtns one, but it was more than twice the price of these two).

Cute Boston terrier (I dropped my bag just as I was about to the porch. I heard the unmistaken sound of breaking ceramics...:( You will note his chipped ear (that I will soon fix), but wait until you see the (once) gorgeous pink swan planter below...Soy muy graceful.

Well, that is all for this edition of Thrift Share Monday. I am linking up with usual links full of wonderful thrifty and flea markety goodness: Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boo Hoo

Sorry for how crappy this post looks tonight-Blogger is being a B*tch tonight!

(Some more nice treasures from YS to balance out the melancholy in this post)

Yes, I feel like crying. I am still having housing troubles here in KY. Apparently, the housing crisis did not occur here. Houses are flying off the lots here in KY. Seems, everyone is migrating to the great forgotten North South, South North commonwealth.

(Ransburg Canisters made in Indianapolis; Dick and Jane readers; and two little Xmas elves)

First, let me tell you about my apartment. Now I am not a neat freak by any means, but I am a law abiding citizen (generally) and everyday when I return home to my apt I cringe at the sight of grass up to my knees. There must be grass police in Louisville. It is warm here. It is summer like here. The grass is growing. Where the h--l is my landlord??? Last fall she blamed me for a city notice (I swear it wasn't me that complained-I was traveling!), so I am guessing this is a common occurrence. I think I mentioned that my ceiling in the kitchen is sagging due to a leak in the roof, right? How does one spell s-l-u-m...

(Man, I miss these funny boys!)

I cannot wait for this lease to be up (JULY!!!)

So, today I took a different route to Frankfort (where hubby will be working) and I found myself in the quaint, charming town of Waddy, KY and I found The House! Cheap; 5 acres; old house with porch, wood floors and a fireplace, everything that resides on my list of wants. Oh, and a barn and paddock were present as well! The town is close enough to walk to, but still a rural property. Perfect!

And, I had it on my original list I sent to my "buyer's agent" (quotes on purpose). She never looked into the house and I was sidetracked by the awesome mountain property. Well, house is under contract by someone and a closing is eminent. Boo hoo

Meanwhile, Buyer's Agent decides to call the realtor on the first house we lost because it is still listed. It seems the buyer cannot get financing. They will take an offer from us...

Good news, you say?

No! They want no contingencies and a closing in 30 days. Um, we would struggle if we still had our IN home on the market and had to pay both mortgages. No thanks.

So, back to the drawing board. Renting is still seeming like the most logical option. I hope we can find a house/farm that will let us have our 3 (very good) dogs.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrift Share Tuesday: YS Saga Continues

OK, here is another shot of that lovely little MIJ puppy! The Yard Sale was worth it just for this guy. He makes me happy. I was looking through a bag of sewing notions and these patterns and she says, 'I'll give you the entire bag for $1.' SOLD! These are the toy and doll patterns. There are also a bunch of transfers in the bag. Yes, I am a 'dog person', but I have loved my share of cats in my life too. I also love and cannot resist old animal planters (I've been thrifting them since the late '80's!) She cost me a quarter. Bottom of neat vase I found. Made in Italy for Rosenthal Netter it says. Here is the cheerful front. It is good size and will look great with some calendula flowers this fall. If you look really close one of the petals has a tiny white spot (at about 10 o'clock). This is not a chip, but some sort of imperfection in the glaze. Maybe this is why it was so cheap ($1)? Gorgeous green glass swan and a spin head angel friend (one of many found among the Christmas junk.) Just can't resist the animal planter. Love this yellow, long-necked doe. Yellow is my favorite color. See what I mean about breaking my "No Smalls" rule. Yeah, when I break a rule I really rebel! OK, enough photos for tonight. Oh, there are more...lots more!* *Please mention when you've had enough!! :)

Thrift Share Monday: First Yard Sale 2011

This post will require few words. I have to confess I broke my "no small things" rule with the first yard sale visit of the season, but this was a yard sale of all vintage small things. how could I resist? I mean, just look at this puppy's expression. I found him in one of the Christmas box lots she sold me for $2 (four huge boxes of mostly crap, but many tiny treasures buried under garland and plastic greenery too!) The puppy is my favorite item out of the 100's of treasures I bought at this sale (and I barely spent anything!)
Have you ever seen cookie cutters like these? The box is unused and even contains a recipe booklet inside the box. On one side is a guarantee you will love these CC, but if you don't, there is an address to return them. Oops, apparently I photographed the wrong side of the box. Take my word for it!
Salt and pepper shakers are a dangerous addiction to start in the hoarding collecting world. There are so many and a seemingly endless design line. One could build a path to the moon with a collection of S & P shakers. I try to resist their devilish charm. This sale had thousands to chose from and in the end I could not resist the charm of these snails. OK, that is all I am sharing today. Tune in tomorrow for more of the treasures from the one and only yard sale I have been to in 2011.

Linking up to Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eggstra Special Egg Swap 2011

I was lucky enough to be one of the participants of the Monkeybox Blog Eggstra Special Egg Swap. It was hosted by the lovely Shara and I really appreciate that she was able to make room for me in her very popular swap! I received the box o' eggs last Monday, but, since I was down in KY all week, I didn't get to open my surprise until this weekend.

Wow! Every last egg is gorgeous and creatively designed by the artist; I love them all! I took a group photo, but it is hard to see every one. Look here for better individual photographs of each egg with the creator's link. Everyone really put a lot of heart and soul into their artwork!

Unfortunately, I did not photograph mine, so I borrowed Shara's picture of my contribution. I forgot before I boxed it up and shipped it. I was a bit late on the deadline (head down) due to work travel (ah, what else is new???), so I rushed to pack them up. Originally, I wanted to create a bigger nest and source egg shaped earrings from the thrifts, but when I saw the broken pearl necklace one day, I knew the pearls would be my 'eggs'. I love miniatures. I had planned to glam up the nests with ribbons and rick rack and other vintage bits, but when I finished each little paper mache nest, I knew simple was best. The only material I used (besides the pearls) was pages from an old Louisville phone book and twigs from my farm. I was happy with the simplicity and I hope others were not disappointed by the plainness! :)

The other thing I forgot is to make one for myself! I still have lots of pearls, so I hope to make more. I think they would be really cute as gift embellishments! I didn't make a tutorial for my nests, but I am a 'beginning' craftster and these are really easy to make. Basically, you just chose a thinner paper (newspaper like), ball it up to start, then use a paper mache paste (I used Modge Podge) and start adding twisted strips around in a nest-like fashion. You can mold the edges to be more tucked in while it is wet. They dry fairly quick! You could even weave in ribbons or thread as you go or add glitter. Very easy, very quick to make!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Tease

Grey. Cold. Gloomy.

Nevertheless, I hit a rummage sale today-first one of the year-and it was wonderful! It was the type where the lady saw me looking through a box and said, "If you are interested in that old Christmas stuff, I'll give you this and this and this and this box for $2..." Sold! She said her and her husband have "been addicted to auctions" (her words) for 12 years and they accumulated due to "lots" for one item they liked. Perfect!

The regret part is I saw this lady putting her sale out early morning yesterday when I traveled through town about 8-9 am (worked nights this week and drove straight home after my shift). I was too tired to stop and I had no cash on me (which would have meant a ONE MILE drive to an ATM). Ugh! She told me a guy with a flea market booth came twice and bought $250 worth of stuff (her prices were dirt cheap!) Why o why did I not stop??? I even had that "feeling" when passing it yesterday even though I could only see boxes (reason I drove back today).

I plan to blog about the crap I bought in sections (way too much for one post) and I plan to return tomorrow (she is adding more stuff from the basement). Besides, see above. I need some Sunshine. Now. Please.

Monday, April 11, 2011


My co-worker was surprised by the spice canister. Unfortunately, she already had cloves and her set is more flat (mine had a more rounded face to it), but it fits her hole better (same color and style) than the non-matching pick one she had in the shelf. She told me she would forward me a picture of it. I am now limiting my 'littles' for the time being. This is hard as it is so much easier to stumble upon the vintage wonderfulness of smalls. I walked through a Louisville antique mall today (rare afternoon off since I have to work night shift this week) and ignored all the little tchotchkes that normally catch my eye. Instead, I concentrated on set items I need: a bookcase and display shelf. I found the latter and it was on sale. I also found another corner shelf with a cool design (I'll share it at a later date). The best thing I found was a large cabinet with glass doors for the price of two of those cheapo IKEA book shelves. Hopefully it will still be there week after next when Dh is down here with a truck. We plan to start pricing "Pods" to pack and store things until we get settled in KY (as well as declutter the house we need to put on the market). Hopefully this is the way to go for ease in relocating. The less stress I can manage the better! Well, off to take a hot bath and relax. I have a big day (and night) ahead of me tomorrow.

Thrift Share Monday: My Own Barn

I already shared with you my fabulous owl lamp find (I love it! I do have to ask, though, how come so many lamps in thrift stores are missing the shade?), so I am going to show you some of my (mostly) Indiana discoveries this week. Well, except for this shelf and stack of books. It is hard to see (with my great photography skills), but the books are A Series of Unfortunate Events. I originally found 13 in the series for 50c at GW. I thought it might take some time, but I thought it would be great to find the entire series for my eldest boy (and even the other one later on). Well, a couple of weeks later, at a Louisville flea market, I found 1-9 for $2 each (perfect condition!) Now I only need the remaining 3 to call it a set!

I also found the cool handmade shelf. I love the rough little swallows, but not so much the rough cocks on either end (not pictured). Nevertheless, I love it and it is big. I need display space and am trying to decide whether to paint the shelf or not.

OK, back to Indiana...I found the Doc Martin sandals and Born shoes at a thrift store for $2 each pair. I actually have a black pair of Born shoes identical to these red ones (also thrifted), but I paid more for them. Not pictured, I also picked up 2 Made in Japan planters (a white Victorian girl and Swan for the bathroom collection).

The best finds this week (besides my cool owl lamp) came from my own barn. As I was reminded by Hubby Dear (when I mentioned yard sale season would commence soon in No. IN) to keep purchases to a minimum (i.e."It has to fit in the Pod"), I did not do too much weekend thrifting. I also started going through the boxes-o-crap I still have stored away. Most of it is auction lot stuff, stuff I have thrifted through the years, plus a bunch of boxes of vintage fabric a neighbor's daughter gave me after her mother died. I took most of it in and found some great vintage pieces (tablecloths, quilt squares, dresses, fabric, curtains). Down in one of the boxes, under the folded linens, I found a tin. Look what was inside!

All in all there are about 20 squares with about half finished, some started and others untouched. Unfortunately, this particular box of stuff was stored in her garage for years and then was put in my barn because of the smell. I washed most of the fabrics, but didn't open this tin until later in the day (I also found another full of old buttons). I need to gently clean them with something to remove musty odor (I can tolerate "old smell" really well, but these are beyond tolerable; however, their cuteness factor makes them so worth saving). I hope to make the quilt she apparently had planned!

I will tell you an eerie story about this particular neighbor. She was fairly healthy for her age (late 80's/early 90's). After she died, I helped the daughter clean up the house (this was partly why she gave me the box of fabrics. She had planned to toss them, but I expressed interest so this was my "payment"). On her wall, LH kept a calendar. She would write in her doctor's appointments or other outings. On the day she died, in her scratchy penmanship, she had written: "Stay Home". This was the only day she gave herself this particular appointment.

Every Monday, check out the rest of Thrift Show & Tell at the fabulous hostess' blog: Apron Thrift Girl.

For an Australian adventure in Thrift Show & Tell: visit Her Library Adventures.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Good Story with a Junky Ending

So, one of the first people I met when I moved down to KY was the wonderful woman in the office next to me. We work for the same agency, different programs. She helped me tremendously with getting acquainted with other KY colleagues and learning some of the job. She is a wealth of experience and interesting stories. We even share similar ideologies!

Imagine my surprise when I mentioned I loved thrifting and I found out her and her husband (also a retired colleague in the same agency) are avid collectors, thrifters and auction attendees. We even have similar favorites as far as what we like to collect (I love the 30's/40's era). She could roll off maker's marks like nothing!

Well, the other day we were discussing spice racks for whatever reason and she mentioned she has a favorite one that is missing one piece. She has looked constantly for the missing piece, but has not been able to find it. She described it to me and the piece suddenly jumped into my head as if she had the rack in front of me (she did not). She ended up taking a picture of it and as soon as I saw it I recognized it. See, years and years ago I thrifted this one spice canister: Cloves. I have no recollection of when or where I found it, but I have carried it around with me for years. I thought it might even be in my China cabinet back in IN.

I was right. It is her missing piece!! What are the odds that two people would find complimentary vintage spice elements so far apart? How odd that the very one she is missing is the one I have? I wrapped it up and I cannot wait to gift her with it on Monday (thank goodness Gov did not shutdown!!)
I also want to share my fabulous find. It is the owl lamp I have admired in my favorite pub! I need to find a shade and I am debating painting it a solid color (except those freaky eyes), but I was so excited to spot it at a St. Vinnie's in KY. And, I saved the best for last! Here is the GORGEOUS Pyrex casserole dish I won from Brittany at My (Un)Intentional Life. Thank you so much! This pattern (along with Gooseberry) has always been my favorite and I have never found any of this one! I will treasure it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

M-D Line

I am home north today (an unusual Friday off gained from last week's travel). I am waiting to find out if I will be home Monday due to the Shutdown. I am thinking I am not funded through this budget, but my Blackberry is dead (I swear the batteries in these things do not last but a day), so I will have to wait to see what my email holds. It is an interesting fact that during a shutdown, it is a criminal act to work (enacted sometime in the late 1800's) and this includes work email and phone usage (you can be jailed or fined!)

OK, seems I am one of the 'excepted' workers. I continue to work. In fact it is just me for two states. Yikes.

I have had zero motivation today. It is cold, grey, rainy, late winter here (just four hours north of SPRING!) The trees are still bare here, no gorgeous early flowers, no sunny daffodils or tulips. It amazes me each weekend to literally pass the proverbial Mason-Dixon line. To this particular avail, both my husband and I agree we will not miss the long winters of Northern Indiana.

I have a really neat thrifted treasure to share for a Thrift Share special edition, but need to clean it up first. The cute, flirty young guy who checked me out says, "You really like this...?" I could only smile because as soon as I saw it, I recognized it as something I had seen (and admired and even discussed) at one of my favorite Louisville pubs (the bar also has a cute Irmi lamp I love!).

Tomorrow is suppose to be rainy, but warm here and maybe this will help spark my energy. I have been under the weather of late (hence, the dr visit this week) and hope they can find the source of my illness. It started back in October (and, of course, I was traveling; I almost went to the emergency room I was so sick, but I am someone who avoids medical intervention at all costs if I can and being a new employee I acted as if nothing was wrong around my new colleagues). Anyway, since October I have felt on and off again ill and fatigued. The suspicion is I am either anemic or vitamin D deficient or just 'run down' from the back and forth I am doing right now; I am waiting on blood test results. Whatever it is, I hope I can shake it. A year ago, I felt wonderful. I was jogging and exercising regularly, full of ideas and energy. Now, I am stuck in a circle of 'too tired to work out, need to work out to not be so tired'.

OK, I really am not trying to turn LK into a pity party blog. Just the season, perhaps...

Feeling Lucky?

I have been having great luck with give-aways of late. I won a gorgeous Pyrex casserole dish (will blog separately about it) recently and it arrived this week (thanks Brittany-I love it)! Since I was a high school girl, I have worn and loved vintage clothing, jewelry, shoes and such. I used to love to dress up and go out on the town wearing my lovely dresses and skirts. Now that I am a 'grownup' and life is busy with kids and work and home and all the things you didn't realize would fill your life in your 30s/40s (like weight gain!!!), I have fewer opportunities to dress up and show off my brilliant, thrifted finds. I have purged many of my vintage clothing, but I kept many of the favorites too. I follow this blog. I love her Pretty Little Things and she has an awesome Etsy shop as well (I looove the owl and mushroom basket purse-I left one like it behind at a thrift once and have never forgotten). Well, if you like vintage Pretty Little Things, you are going to love her giveaway (ends tomorrow so hurry!). Check out these lovelies:

Be sure to visit her blog and check out the individual photos of the items. Gorgeous with a BIG capital G! Good luck! If I win, I promise to post a picture-a Glam one!! ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Frank Me

Friends from my old blog know I am a "say it as it is" kind of person. I have a hard time maintaining facades and pretending things are cheery and wonderful when in reality I am not happy. It is an annoying trait I know I possess and quite contrary to how Americans (in my humble opinion) are socialized.

Truth be told I am struggling. Remember the great house I found? Well, I hesitated and an investor bought it out from under us in one weekend. The day the realtor called and gave me the news, I had just been on the phone with a friend. The friend and I were arguing and have not spoken since mainly due to my "say it as it is" attitude. Then, if all of this was not enough, the following weekend my MIL and I fought because she said, in front of my children, "You left them..."

I have been in Kentucky for six seven months now. I am lonely. I miss my children and husband. I miss our little farm and my animals. I miss my house and even its perpetual mess. I miss cooking for my family. I even miss the laundry! I keep going back and forth on what to do. Part of me wants to go home (I would be lying to say this wasn't true) and part of me wants things to proceed as it seems to be. I want my family together in one spot. I feel lost. I try to look at new homes, but I haven't found any that would replace the one I already have. I loved the one I hesitated on, but the key word is "hesitated". I can't seem to shake my fear of the unknown. I can't seem to take the steps forward that I need to take to get things back together.

I went to a new doctor this week (here in KY) and she said, "This phase will in God or your own spiritual belief that this difficult time will pass..." I really, really want to believe this to be true.

On a side note, the Dr. scheduled me a mammogram. My maternal grandmother died at 43 from breast cancer. My aunts (mom's sisters) all died from breast cancer (various ages), and my own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 43. I turned 40 in October and resemble the maternal side of the family. I guess I should have been getting these a few years ago.

OK, back to the whinge...

I hope I made the right decision coming here. I love KY. I love the spring weather, greenness and blossoms all around. I love the hills and the wildness of this place. I despise the long winters of the Great Lakes area, the perpetual flatness. This is the part where I am sure I am in the right spot. However, there is the nagging fear. The fear that I made the wrong decision and have upset our life permanently. I love our 10 acre property and I know I will not be able to find anything comparable at the price we paid. The house we lost would have been close; however, it was further out away from life than our current place and this was why I think I hesitated.

Sigh. I am just talking in circles. I have been thinking in circles for weeks and it is driving me crazy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Rainy Day Blues

It is rainy today here in Louisville and, coupled with the boxy-ness of my shotgun house apartment, light is horrible and so are these photos (we'll just pretend I am a brilliant photographer and I can actually blame the rain and architecture). OK, truth is I am horrible at pictures and learning to use my blessed camera has been on my 'to do' list for years. Anyway, I am determined to share at this week's thrifty parties: Her Library Adventure and Apron Thrift Girl .
Check out these gorgeous hands! So delicate. how in the world did she make it through the bins of a thrift store without breaking one of those siren red nails? Oops! Unfortunately, a not so delicate hand (mine) dropped her upon bringing her home (head popped off, but her nails stayed purrfect!)

Vintage wrapping paper, a couple of books...

Atlas of Kentucky

Cute cement basket planter and cherub fabric

Shadowbox frame and McCoy gravy boat(?); I did not notice it was McCoy until I brought it out for the photo (my horrible photo does not do it justice). The mark is really light and probably went unnoticed by the GW price police as well. "Baby Owl" mold...I have no idea what I will use it for, but for 60c it was too cute to pass up!

So, there you have it. A quick sampling of some of the past few weeks treasures. I have more, including a great handmade shelf with carved swallows, but I am too tired to deal with blogger and photographs. I am being a really lazy blogger lately (too much work crap occurring at the moment and it is stealing my drive to do anything non-work related...even, gasp, thrift!)