Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boo Hoo

Sorry for how crappy this post looks tonight-Blogger is being a B*tch tonight!

(Some more nice treasures from YS to balance out the melancholy in this post)

Yes, I feel like crying. I am still having housing troubles here in KY. Apparently, the housing crisis did not occur here. Houses are flying off the lots here in KY. Seems, everyone is migrating to the great forgotten North South, South North commonwealth.

(Ransburg Canisters made in Indianapolis; Dick and Jane readers; and two little Xmas elves)

First, let me tell you about my apartment. Now I am not a neat freak by any means, but I am a law abiding citizen (generally) and everyday when I return home to my apt I cringe at the sight of grass up to my knees. There must be grass police in Louisville. It is warm here. It is summer like here. The grass is growing. Where the h--l is my landlord??? Last fall she blamed me for a city notice (I swear it wasn't me that complained-I was traveling!), so I am guessing this is a common occurrence. I think I mentioned that my ceiling in the kitchen is sagging due to a leak in the roof, right? How does one spell s-l-u-m...

(Man, I miss these funny boys!)

I cannot wait for this lease to be up (JULY!!!)

So, today I took a different route to Frankfort (where hubby will be working) and I found myself in the quaint, charming town of Waddy, KY and I found The House! Cheap; 5 acres; old house with porch, wood floors and a fireplace, everything that resides on my list of wants. Oh, and a barn and paddock were present as well! The town is close enough to walk to, but still a rural property. Perfect!

And, I had it on my original list I sent to my "buyer's agent" (quotes on purpose). She never looked into the house and I was sidetracked by the awesome mountain property. Well, house is under contract by someone and a closing is eminent. Boo hoo

Meanwhile, Buyer's Agent decides to call the realtor on the first house we lost because it is still listed. It seems the buyer cannot get financing. They will take an offer from us...

Good news, you say?

No! They want no contingencies and a closing in 30 days. Um, we would struggle if we still had our IN home on the market and had to pay both mortgages. No thanks.

So, back to the drawing board. Renting is still seeming like the most logical option. I hope we can find a house/farm that will let us have our 3 (very good) dogs.


Jennifer said...

Good luck with the house search...hope you find the home of your dreams soon.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Hi Gina, just read about your house search. Just wondered if you had looked at Bardstown to Frankfort. Lots of folks here drive to Frankfort everyday. There are two great small towns out that direction. Bloomfield, Fairfield, things really looking nice in that direction and not quite as expensive. Saw your comment on Sena's blog, I think, comment list. Blessings

Kylie said...

Hi Gina
I've just found your blog...can't remember how...thank you so much for putting my little blog on your blog roll it is very sweet of you and I appreciate it.
I hope you find a nice home soon
so you and your family can get settled and put some roots down. I'll be back to read more of your blog x

Gina said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I'm sure it is out here somewhere! :)

Peggy: Thanks for the suggestions! I'll check out the areas!

Kylie: Love your blog and your style! Thanks for visiting me here!