Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Tease

Grey. Cold. Gloomy.

Nevertheless, I hit a rummage sale today-first one of the year-and it was wonderful! It was the type where the lady saw me looking through a box and said, "If you are interested in that old Christmas stuff, I'll give you this and this and this and this box for $2..." Sold! She said her and her husband have "been addicted to auctions" (her words) for 12 years and they accumulated due to "lots" for one item they liked. Perfect!

The regret part is I saw this lady putting her sale out early morning yesterday when I traveled through town about 8-9 am (worked nights this week and drove straight home after my shift). I was too tired to stop and I had no cash on me (which would have meant a ONE MILE drive to an ATM). Ugh! She told me a guy with a flea market booth came twice and bought $250 worth of stuff (her prices were dirt cheap!) Why o why did I not stop??? I even had that "feeling" when passing it yesterday even though I could only see boxes (reason I drove back today).

I plan to blog about the crap I bought in sections (way too much for one post) and I plan to return tomorrow (she is adding more stuff from the basement). Besides, see above. I need some Sunshine. Now. Please.


Anonymous said...

One "trick" I use is to hide money from myself in the van. If I get a dollar or 2 in change from somewhere, I take it and tuck it behind the map or in the glovebox. I can forget about it until there is an opportunity like you had and I am unprepared with cash on hand. It has helped me out a few times and I never really missed the money until I needed it.

Gina said...

Great idea! I keep wondering what I missed. She told me she would call me for the next sale and her SIL is having one this summer and is an even bigger auction-lot hoarder!! :)