Monday, April 11, 2011


My co-worker was surprised by the spice canister. Unfortunately, she already had cloves and her set is more flat (mine had a more rounded face to it), but it fits her hole better (same color and style) than the non-matching pick one she had in the shelf. She told me she would forward me a picture of it. I am now limiting my 'littles' for the time being. This is hard as it is so much easier to stumble upon the vintage wonderfulness of smalls. I walked through a Louisville antique mall today (rare afternoon off since I have to work night shift this week) and ignored all the little tchotchkes that normally catch my eye. Instead, I concentrated on set items I need: a bookcase and display shelf. I found the latter and it was on sale. I also found another corner shelf with a cool design (I'll share it at a later date). The best thing I found was a large cabinet with glass doors for the price of two of those cheapo IKEA book shelves. Hopefully it will still be there week after next when Dh is down here with a truck. We plan to start pricing "Pods" to pack and store things until we get settled in KY (as well as declutter the house we need to put on the market). Hopefully this is the way to go for ease in relocating. The less stress I can manage the better! Well, off to take a hot bath and relax. I have a big day (and night) ahead of me tomorrow.

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