Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: First Yard Sale 2011

This post will require few words. I have to confess I broke my "no small things" rule with the first yard sale visit of the season, but this was a yard sale of all vintage small things. how could I resist? I mean, just look at this puppy's expression. I found him in one of the Christmas box lots she sold me for $2 (four huge boxes of mostly crap, but many tiny treasures buried under garland and plastic greenery too!) The puppy is my favorite item out of the 100's of treasures I bought at this sale (and I barely spent anything!)
Have you ever seen cookie cutters like these? The box is unused and even contains a recipe booklet inside the box. On one side is a guarantee you will love these CC, but if you don't, there is an address to return them. Oops, apparently I photographed the wrong side of the box. Take my word for it!
Salt and pepper shakers are a dangerous addiction to start in the hoarding collecting world. There are so many and a seemingly endless design line. One could build a path to the moon with a collection of S & P shakers. I try to resist their devilish charm. This sale had thousands to chose from and in the end I could not resist the charm of these snails. OK, that is all I am sharing today. Tune in tomorrow for more of the treasures from the one and only yard sale I have been to in 2011.

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dogsmom said...

Great snail S&P. While my collection is safely packed away in an attic (so safe I don't remember where) I can not resist unusual ones, saying I will display them all. Your snails remind me of incense burners I had in the 70s. Back then we had similar cookie cutters, but I am not familiar with Aunt Chick. Of course my favorite is also the dog, not only because of the animal but I once worked travelling shows too. And in ballet class I had to wear the same collar!

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

That dog is so cute! Great finds.

Gina said...

Dogsmom: I bet you wore the same expression when you wore your collar!! :)

I am a huge sucka for the animals too.

Amber: Thanks, I just love him and plan to bring him to my office to cheer me up on gloomy days!

Sarah said...

Those cookie cutters are so cool! What a fabulous find. x