Friday, April 8, 2011

M-D Line

I am home north today (an unusual Friday off gained from last week's travel). I am waiting to find out if I will be home Monday due to the Shutdown. I am thinking I am not funded through this budget, but my Blackberry is dead (I swear the batteries in these things do not last but a day), so I will have to wait to see what my email holds. It is an interesting fact that during a shutdown, it is a criminal act to work (enacted sometime in the late 1800's) and this includes work email and phone usage (you can be jailed or fined!)

OK, seems I am one of the 'excepted' workers. I continue to work. In fact it is just me for two states. Yikes.

I have had zero motivation today. It is cold, grey, rainy, late winter here (just four hours north of SPRING!) The trees are still bare here, no gorgeous early flowers, no sunny daffodils or tulips. It amazes me each weekend to literally pass the proverbial Mason-Dixon line. To this particular avail, both my husband and I agree we will not miss the long winters of Northern Indiana.

I have a really neat thrifted treasure to share for a Thrift Share special edition, but need to clean it up first. The cute, flirty young guy who checked me out says, "You really like this...?" I could only smile because as soon as I saw it, I recognized it as something I had seen (and admired and even discussed) at one of my favorite Louisville pubs (the bar also has a cute Irmi lamp I love!).

Tomorrow is suppose to be rainy, but warm here and maybe this will help spark my energy. I have been under the weather of late (hence, the dr visit this week) and hope they can find the source of my illness. It started back in October (and, of course, I was traveling; I almost went to the emergency room I was so sick, but I am someone who avoids medical intervention at all costs if I can and being a new employee I acted as if nothing was wrong around my new colleagues). Anyway, since October I have felt on and off again ill and fatigued. The suspicion is I am either anemic or vitamin D deficient or just 'run down' from the back and forth I am doing right now; I am waiting on blood test results. Whatever it is, I hope I can shake it. A year ago, I felt wonderful. I was jogging and exercising regularly, full of ideas and energy. Now, I am stuck in a circle of 'too tired to work out, need to work out to not be so tired'.

OK, I really am not trying to turn LK into a pity party blog. Just the season, perhaps...


antvee said...

I had to smile when I read: "Now, I am stuck in a circle of 'too tired to work out, need to work out to not be so tired."
That's exactly what happened to me this looong winter. Spring arrived and I got a whole new attitude. :)

I hope your blood work turns out well and it is just that you are (as usual) trying to do too much.
I statred drinking a protein shake every day and it's really helped me a lot. I'm a big veggie eater but not much of a meat eater. I eat meat, I'm just not crazy about it. I make a fruit smoothie in the mornings for breakfast and add a scoop of protein powder. I was amazed at how much better i feel and my hair and skin feels healthier too.
Btw, glad yo hear you scheduled the mammo.

It was 90 degrees here today, I actually broke into a sweat. :)


Gina said...

Hi Vonne! I thought of you when I scheduled the mammo-! I am glad to hear the protien shakes are helping your health. I may need to try it too as I am also not a big meat eater. I eat more when I am home with husband and kids (hubby big on meat), but down in KY I find myself subsisting on eggs and veggie stirfry!

Ahhh, 90! I am so jealous. It hasn't peaked above 50 yet here (supposedly it will be in the 80's tomorrow even up here in everwinterland).

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents worth. Have your thyroid level checked. I have a history of anemia from high school (or before) and a few other ailments, all which seem to relate back to my thyroid which we still have trouble stabilizing. However every doctor tells me thyroid is a quick fix for everyone else. (just not for me)
Damp and cold (Freezing cold) up north here with snow predicted again this week. Had my vitamin D level checked too, but it is normal.