Monday, April 25, 2011

Hello Catch-up

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I think most of the folks that read here do so on Monday Thrift Share days, but for those who read other posts I thought I would do a little catch-up of all the little ends I leave here. first, I got my lab tests back and I was not crazy on feeling how I have for the past few months (fatigued, dizzy, nausea, anxiety, tingling of the arms/legs...)...hmm, I have felt this way twice before (Hint: S8 and L4).

Um, no, this is not the case this time (BIG sigh). It seems I have depleted a very good portion of my B12. Typical lower limits of normal are 200 pg/ml. My levels are below 100. The weirdest part of all of this is I was a vegetarian for more than 13 years and never had this problem. I eat tons of eggs because I have a rather large flock of chickens and they are laying like crazy. Around lent, I did decide to lower my meat consumption and have only been eating meat a couple of days a week (if at all). I suspected I might be anemic (bruises and dizziness), but I would have never guessed B12 deficiency! I started muscle injections (because I am way below normal) and have to take two children's vitamins a day (I get horribly ill after taking adult vitamins). I feel so much relief that I truly was not going crazy (besides being apart from my children, there is an actual physiological reason for my anxiety).

I have also cut myself off from thrifting. Yes, you heard right. I am spending too much money and an expected, yet unexpected debt has come due and we need to get it paid. I am not happy about it, but that is life. I am accumulating too much crap anyway. I am not a ReSeller because I don't have the time. I would love to have a booth at one of these great flea markets in KY, but not in the near future (I really need to get family moved first, LOL!)

So, I am giving myself a 2nd quarter New Year goal: Use up what you have, read your thrifted books, and create instead of accumulate. In other words, I have stacks of books and magazines, I have tons of fabric and crafty items and I need to find ways of displaying my lovely treasures. I also need to purge or store (If I can't part with it right now).

I will still share on Mondays or other linky days because I like to be part of those parties. It's just that my finds will be past finds (I could share for the next three years without setting foot into another thrift store or flea market!)

If I find myself jones-ing for some thrift, well, I'll set myself a limit, take out cash and have at it. It will be a challenge to spend only what green I have on hand (and not be tempted to take out a debit card). I have never had a shopping issue, but I go through stages where I think I "self-medicate" my stress by thrifting. I think right now Flintstone Vitamins may be the better way to go.

Husband is on his way down to KY as I type. We are going out to eat (Bardstown Road area if you are ever in town for the Derby or whatnot is an interesting Indie-ish part of town with local restaurants, pubs and shops) tonight and tomorrow night (if it is not rained out) we will be at the Decemberists concert.

Oh, here comes the rain again...


Kylie said...

Take care Gina, I hope you have a lovely dinner with your husband.
Good luck with your attempts to cut down on your thrifting...I am trying to be ALOT more selective with the stuff I buy for similar reasons to yours...I couldn't stop completely though!
Keep popping those Flintstones vitamins!

By the Bluegrass said...

I bet the B-12 shots will help you feel much better! I think I should have mine checked as well! Good luck on the no thrifting. I go in bouts as well. I'm also on an off period right now! It is more fun if you take breaks, anyway!

antvee said...

I'm so glad you finally know what the problem is, and hopefully the B12 will make you feel better quickly. If you think you can tolerate it, try the protein powder in some sort of smoothie once a day. It really helped me and my sysmptons were similar to yours.

Is all this spring weather making you itch to get into the garden? I know how you must hate the uncertainty of not knowing where you'll be living.
We finally got some much needed rain and narrowly missed getting hit by a tornado yesterday, but man, is it ever green out there now! It's just what my poor garden needed.

Btw, I tried to tell you how and why I am a reformed thrifter, but google denied me that reply and I had to start anew, so maybe another time. :)

Gina said...

Oh, Kylie, it is a struggle for me to stay out because I love the thrill of the hunt! :)
I gave myself one more day because I didn't have to work today and I have a rare day of freedom in KY! Plus, one of the thrifts have this VIP card thing (free) where they send you special %off days in your email and I got one for today (50% off!!) So, now I am done...for now anyway!!

Sena: I highly recommend getting your levels checked. I couldn't believe my ill feelings were caused by something so simple to correct! I also so agree on taking time off adn a return being more fun! I stopped for a couple of years (other than a rare YS stop) and it was fun when I returned this past summer. Now I think another break is in order.
Oh, and DH and I saw Decemberists at the Iroquois last night. Lovely amphithreater and park!

Antvee: I will try the shake. It may be the best way for me to get these vitamins!
O, yes, I so want to be out in the garden! I planted a few herbs in pots for the KY apt, but up north it is still too wet to get the garden prepared. I do not like that I have no idea where I am going to be this summer, but chances are we will still have the farm. Hubby wants to wait another six months to make a decision (I really think he is hoping I will just come home), but I can't stand to be without my boys for another six months. I miss them terribly! I need them!
I can't wait to hear your story!

Gina said...

Sigh, excuse my typos...I really need to learn to review before I send off my replies! :)

tansy said...

i hope you are feeling better soon. i'm glad it was something as simple as a vitamin deficiency and nothing more serious. xo

Monica said...

I haven't been around blogging as of late but I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well. :( But glad to hear you got a diagnosis and are starting to feel better.

I completely understand about cutting back on thrifting. Due to too much stuff taking over practically every inch of my office & the price of gas, I'm limiting my thrift store trips to once a month, moving my errand day toward the end of the week when most of the yard sales start & being more selective about what comes in the door.

That's so awesome you got to see the Decemberists. :)