Monday, April 4, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Rainy Day Blues

It is rainy today here in Louisville and, coupled with the boxy-ness of my shotgun house apartment, light is horrible and so are these photos (we'll just pretend I am a brilliant photographer and I can actually blame the rain and architecture). OK, truth is I am horrible at pictures and learning to use my blessed camera has been on my 'to do' list for years. Anyway, I am determined to share at this week's thrifty parties: Her Library Adventure and Apron Thrift Girl .
Check out these gorgeous hands! So delicate. how in the world did she make it through the bins of a thrift store without breaking one of those siren red nails? Oops! Unfortunately, a not so delicate hand (mine) dropped her upon bringing her home (head popped off, but her nails stayed purrfect!)

Vintage wrapping paper, a couple of books...

Atlas of Kentucky

Cute cement basket planter and cherub fabric

Shadowbox frame and McCoy gravy boat(?); I did not notice it was McCoy until I brought it out for the photo (my horrible photo does not do it justice). The mark is really light and probably went unnoticed by the GW price police as well. "Baby Owl" mold...I have no idea what I will use it for, but for 60c it was too cute to pass up!

So, there you have it. A quick sampling of some of the past few weeks treasures. I have more, including a great handmade shelf with carved swallows, but I am too tired to deal with blogger and photographs. I am being a really lazy blogger lately (too much work crap occurring at the moment and it is stealing my drive to do anything non-work related...even, gasp, thrift!)


By the Bluegrass said...

Oooh, I haven't been thrifting in forever. I like seeing! Love the McCoy and the atlas.

Gina said...

Hi Sena! I noticed the GW on 60 and Gene Snyder finally opened (sadly, no time to peek these days). You'll have to check it out and let us all see your great finds!!