Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where Art thou

(Kentucky Fun Finds! Log cabin is marked something Brown, hillbilly guy reminds me of my childhood and the bunny is MIJ cuteness!)

Man, what a couple of busy weeks I've been having. I missed thrift show and tell again this week (too tired to even lurk about on here). Life is crazy. I have two weeks of treasures to show y'all, but I am just not feeling up to messing with photographs tonight. In fact, most of it is still in the trunk. I have to fly out to Minnesota in the morning and still need to pack. So, I will just give you a lil' teaser now and then, when I have all my projects caught up this weekend (LOL), I will photograph and do a post a day next week (Ok, in theory anyway).


Jennifer said...

Glad to know you are a fellow "leave my stuff in the trunk kinda gal". I probably could have a sale right out of my trunk...then I guess I would be called a "trunk junker". I have stuff in my trunk that I actually took out, photographed and then put it back because I didn't want to find a place to put it. Oh, well at least I have it and can show it off to my friends and family that way. Anyway looking forward to your next post...have a safe trip.

By the Bluegrass said...

Ahhh, the little bunny is so cute! Hope you get a break soon.

Gina said...

Jennifer: I am definitely a "Trunk Junker" too!!

Sena: Thanks! Hopefully April will be less hectic, but I already see names and events penciled in the squares! :-|