Friday, March 4, 2011

The Trade Me Up Challenge

OK, so despite the fact my readership is really (really) small here :), I am going to participate in Trade Me Up challenge. I'll link it up here and there and maybe branch out into non-Internet sources. I love the idea of this challenge; it puts me in mind of the years I participated in Sharon Astyk's Independence Days Challenge where creating alternative economy in the face of hardtimes, including bartering, was an important aspect of being self-sustaining, independent. In fact, during those years of emergency preparation I stored away many bottles of liquor as my future currency figuring demand would be high. ;)

Basically, the challenge was created by Selena (Apron Thrift Girl) and Amy (The Thrifty Chicks) and involves using another form of currency (i.e. not money as we know it now, although I suppose in reality collector's coins or old money would be ok) to up trade for something more valuable to yourself. You can read the specific rules here. The bigger point, in my opinion, is that services and objects are more subjective than the green stuff and can be exchanged on a more individual level despite the current financial level of the giver or recipient (if that makes sense). This is not a new concept-many cultures in time and place have used this system and, really, it was the basis for our money system as we know it. Being able to use what you have on hand for needs (or in this case 'wants') in the form of bartering is a vital skill for surviving hardtimes.

As far as my wishlist, I think my aspirations are a lot lower than that paperclip guy. I definitely do not want any more blessed houses (unless, of course, it is that one in KY that I keep going on and on about), a buyer? Well, that is an entirely different 'want'! I can only think of a few larger items I would say would end this experiment successfully.

The big items I can think of needing/wanting:

1. A canoe
2. Small, vintage camper
3. Pay-off on one credit card (OK, I am stretching the "no money" thing a bit here).
4. Realtor services for my house
5. Stone for our driveway
6. Tractor
"Smaller" items I would be ecstatic receiving:

1. Russells Parson Terrier or Dalmatian (or mixes) male puppy
2. Siamese kitten
3. Vintage solid wood armoire
4. Someone to build me a better and prettier small chicken coop (this could be here in IN or in KY depending on...well, you know the boring story).
5. Large wrought iron bird cage (parrot type for a sweet dove I have had for years)

Perhaps trading up for animals is considered in poor taste, but I would offer either one a great home and lots of love and the love of a pet is priceless. I lost both a Dalmatian mix and a Siamese cat I loved. Both were adopted from the humane society and I had them for over 16 years. I miss them both terribly. We have other dogs, but I have wanted another Dalmatian for a long time. I recently started researching the Russells Parson Terrier (formerly Jack Russell) and I really am drawn to the wire-haired ones. I guess I have a thing for hyper dogs! :)

Of course, if I remember right and it has been years since I thought of it, that paperclip guy didn't have anything specific in mind. I am not sure he aimed for a house, but, when the trade ended, he had what he wanted. So, with that in mind, I will also leave it open. I may stumble upon something too good to give up!

Most of the items I wish for are things that can wait for a while. I figure this is a long-haul experiment. It sounds interesting and I can't wait to try it!

So, without further ado, here is what I am offering for my Trade Me Up fun:

Three Vintage Pyrex restaurant-ware coffee cups

I thought long and hard about this item. The point (or fun anyway) is to start small, right? I like Pyrex and have some items I love (e.g. the primary color set and a few other patterns), but I am not a fanatic. I can take it or leave it (personally, I am drawn to Fireking and type batter bowls more), but as an avid thrifter I have stumbled upon it along the way. I also stumble upon plenty of blogs where folks are in love with the stuff. I have had these great cups for some time and I do like them, but I think there is something out there I would like more. The pattern is really cute (I have no idea what pattern it is, but will research so to make it more obvious to someone out there wanting it). In theory, this challenge is not exactly money-free as I will need to spend to ship, so I would like to only ship in the US, but will consider International if the trade is too good to pass up!

So, what do you have that you want to trade me for them (I'll consider just about anything and I have smaller wish items on my sidebar too!!!)?


By the Bluegrass said...

gotta check out this site.
Are you getting your blog enough exposure? Of course, I am still new myself, but I am finding that it really takes up a lot of time trying to get exposure. Ya gotta really work at it each day.

Gina said...
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Gina said...

Good point, Sena. The blogging thing does take a lot of time and energy. Additionally, I think having a single focus helps, but I am just not able to center myself to one or two topics. I still think of blogging as a journal of sorts and not the informative medium so many of become since the early days. I still like the eclectic ones out there better than the ones that try to focus on information all the time.

Me? I am really not looking for a huge audience...just a comment now and then is nice (and I must have been feeling a bit lonely!!)

Thanks for reading!

dogsmom said...

I am glad you decided to join the challenge.
I am not in the market for pyrex but I have been known to place an animal (or a few thousand) on my lifetime. I will send your wish out into the universe.
Please come visit me

To get larger exposure and readership I do 3 things - comment on other blogs, join weekly parties, and join a blogging group or sisterhood.

Gina said...

Thanks, Dogsmom! Funny I couldn't think of anything I need in my life except another animal companion!

Also, thanks for the suggestions. I probably do need to comment more. Having switched blogging gears after all these years I feel a little like I am walking into a "new high school" where folks have known each other since grade school. :)

I have started to join some weekly parties (the thrifty ones...I have endless items to highlight it seems! LOL) I have also joined a couple of swaps. I wish I had more time to dedicate to this thing (I need to spruce it up!) as I love writing and reading all the other blogs (yours and Sena's are two of my favorite ones), but my life card is always so, so full...:(

lisanne said...

What size in men's jeans? I love the pyrex, but don't have any of the other things on your list.

Gina said...

Hi Lisanne! Really, it doesn't have to be something on my list as I can then trade it away somewhere else for something I need/want. I do love a pair of retro shoes at Maybe if you have something she would exchange for the shoes we could send it out on three way exchange you to her to me to you!! :)

Barbara said...

Lovely to give homes to animals so I think it's fine to have them on your wish list. Don't know where I'd be without my companions. A friend has a newish pup recently, a collie/dalmation cross. Called a collie dolly apparently and so cute.

Gina said...

I can't even imagine what one would look like, but we have two gorgeous collie sisters (the Lassie/scotch type)! I'll have to Google Collie Dollie (and add to their $600 shares-saw that on tv while working out yesterday!)