Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, Remember When...

(Husband notoriously takes horrible photos of me...or maybe it's just me. I swear I do not look like this here! ;)

A while back I mentioned a New Year's goal to visit/try something new in Louisville (or KY). Do you remember? Well, I am happy to say I spent the weekend trying new things (and, the places we visited were free!) The boys and husband came down from the cold, snowy (yes, again) North to beautiful, there-is-actually-spring South to look at houses. We did look at houses and found some lovely one close to Louisville, but on acreage (a compromise to the city/country debate I have in my head). Unfortunately, all were too good to be true and needed much more work than I am willing to put out. I don't have the time and I would just buy that first Victorian we looked at if I wanted work.

So, onward...after business was out of the way, we did the following:

(God, I hope Louisville cleans this mess up. Please don't throw your trash out your window! Recycle!)

*Walked along the Wharf (isn't the garbage sad? The river is really up right now and much of the park is under water. We met an old riverboat guy who kindly took a quarter chance in Lyndon's thrifted toy slot machine and then told us stories of barges going up and down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. This guy is one of the reasons I love Louisville-the kindness of strangers that, by the end of a great tale, feel like friends).

*Got my bangs cut even shorter than normal (just cut my all one length hair to bangs in October and they keep getting shorter). Husband says I look like Betty Paige.

(What do you think? I look just like her here more than that weird girl in the first photo...JK! Source)

*Checked out the Louisville Bats (both the giant wooden one and the great animal one over on the west side of Broadway). Wish I had taken a couple of photos.

(Do you think he got the leading position because he actually resembles a leprechaun?)

*Observed the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in the Highlands. OMG. I thought Zombie Night couldn't be topped, but...we loved this event! I would love to live in this area. Love the culture!

*Thrifted (of course!) at this shop (clothes are a bit expensive, but great vintage garments to be found there; I was tempted, but did not buy any clothing). I'll share my finds tomorrow! Husband complained about the smell which I love (like old house smell...he says it smells dirty. Now can you understand the almost divorce???) We also hit a GW in a nearby town while waiting to see a house (Big No on the house!)

*Got caught in Lady Gaga traffic downtown, but people watching was fascinating (forgot she was in town!)...Oh, to be young again! :)

*Listened to this great CD. I cannot wait until April 26 for the concert at this wonderful Louisville park (designer the same as the NY Central Park designer). Plus, a bonus, I heard that Sarah Jaffe (great new young artist) will be at Waterfront Wednesdays on April 27 (free concerts downtown by the river). Wow. Wow! (Lyndon tells Mr. Gobbles Gobbles how fun the day was...OK, actually they were arguing like usual, but a mama can pretend!)

The brood is returning North today and I have a busy work week ahead of me. First, I need to clean up the tornado debris my sons left me.

Linking up to Penny Worthy Project because it was un el cheapo weekend!


Laura said...

I was going to say you look like Angelina Jolie-a good thing! :) thanks for linking up to The Penny Worthy Project!

Gina said...

So many people tell me that actually! Once on an airplane on my way to la or somewhere, another time in a bar, and my friends' teenagers have been telling me this since Laura Croft days!! Wierd!

Gina said...

And thank you, I do take it as a compliment!

Monica said...

You and your boys look great! It sounds like you had a fun weekend. I can't wait to see what you found thrifting. :)

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

I'm so glad you found my blog - Louisville just got added to my list of cities to visit... I never knew how much of a connection it had to New Orleans... I always somehow connect New Orleans and Savannah, but maybe just because I've been to both a lot (and love them)! : )

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

OMG - that lake water is hideous & I grew up around The Detroit River!