Thursday, March 10, 2011

My (Dis)-Organized Life

(Check out this great "free blog stuff' designer...I love her stuff!)

OK, I just got another promotion at work. This one is big, but will require more...yes, more from me. I will be traveling soon west of the Mississippi for more training and events. I may (please, please, please) get to even go to Oregon (dream for a long time!) I am really excited to be part of the team I was selected for, but...

Some days, I feel like I am just faking that I am organized and in control! (Shhh...)

My desk is covered with mountains of papers, my email box(es) are a mess, and my to-do lists keep growing. I should probably bow out of some of these projects I keep getting tossed my way, but I really, really enjoy a wide variety of work (and home) projects! I thrive on projects!

Do any of you have any good work-geared organization books or blogs you recommend? I, obviously, do not fit the "file type" mentality (I am a pile-er and it is how I succeed). Maybe I just need a good read on time management. I am one of those go-go-go type people that would probably shrink and disappear if I didn't have 20 "irons in the fire". What I need is how to not get burnt by so many irons.

At 40 YO I don't think I am willing or able to switch myself into a file-er or super-organized picture of perfection. And, I have made disorganization work for me, but I definitely could use some improvement!


By the Bluegrass said...

oooh, I am liking your new look! I have so many books on organization, but I can never find them. ;) I do love to read them and long to be neat and tidy. I am just not that way by nature. I don't like gross or nastiness in my home, but, doesn't really bother me as much as it should. My big new years resolution was to get every last inch of my house in order and I allowed myself the whole year to get it done. Not a lot of progress so far. There is this one site that is great, but I can't remember the name. If I think of it, i'll let you know. I guess I'm not much help.
Congrats on your promotion. That opens up a lot of thrift shopping for you on your down time. What is your job?

Gina said...

LOL!! We have this trait so much in common!! Really, I have tried to be a minimalist and commonly set the same goal, but I feel like I got my cluttery traits from my parents. Not much one can do about good genes, right?

And, I love visiting homes with lots of stuff to look at. I remember going with my mom to her friends house and I still have vivid memories of sitting quietly and staring at cool things. Oh, how i would love to find some of the great things I remember from the houses. My absolute favorites were animal figurines.

Gina said...

O, I work for the fed government.

Monica said...

Your new template is lovely! Any chance you would be coming to Washington state for some of your training? It would be great to meet you. :) I'm no help on the recommendation of books/websites/blogs for work organization. It's an area I need help on myself. LOL

Gina said...

LOL!! I so hear you! I would love to come to WA (another place I have wanted to visit for so long). And, I have always wanted to meet you! We have so much in common.

My new (side) position is with the Western Region so chances are good. Otherwise, when the moving dust settles, I am going to plan my own trip out there (I even have another friend in Seattle I haven't seen in years).