Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Weekend Thrift Finds

When I manage to go thrifting, I see tons more that I want than what I actually end up buying. Sometimes it is price or condition, other times I am concerned I am just acquiring too much stuff, I am not a ReSeller (yet) so I don't normally buy 'good deals' to sell, nor are artistic notions the goal for my junk. And then there is the constant relocation. The many, many moves I seem to be doing in my adult life (oddly enough I grew up in one house that my parents bought when I was 10 months old-the one my mom still lives in today) can really curtail my behavior whenever one is now. I dread all the de-cluttering and packing!

Alas, I still manage to find something to share almost every week! Above is a spring related groupings of tchotchkes (all oddly priced at the magic number of 0.50) I found this past week (well, except for the two winter skaters): a cute ewe (too bad her once chained babies are MIA); a flower print that matches the two bird prints I found a couple of weeks ago; and a duck planter that was made by Avon (!) in 1984 (usually avoid the 80's look, but his guy looks even older vintage than '80's and it is even a teeny bit chipped). My mom was an Avon fanatic and even sold it successfully in the '60/'70's. I always used to look through the catalogs, but I do not remember this mama duck and babies. I would have been 13 if it was released the spring of 1984-must have been too cool for school for it then...two years later I was totally into thrifting, but probably still not into Avon! Recently, however, I have found not only the ducks, but a bunny candle holder. Times do change! ;)
Found the woolly "Handmade in Wales" money box ram at the GW. I know I said I resisted temptation on buying any vintage clothing yesterday, but I forgot about this wonderful pleated tartan skirt I found. Oh, and not pictured, I also found a great vintage kelly green wool cardigan with little gold shell buttons-all at thrift store prices (different thrift than the one I mentioned)!

Oh, one more picture of the cute ewe! I love these two tiny prints with the black detail (sorry about the flash). I think they will look good with the silhouettes I plan to group on a wall some day. Also (barely pictured) are three books: a Hardy Boys series, 1st edition Tale of Despereaux, The Children's Hour: School and Sport (this one has great graphics, I love the little Boston terrier peeking out beside the locker).

And, last but not least, another temptation I lied about yesterday (because I forgot!). A gorgeous Calvin Klein blazer. Yes, this is my cheesy attempt at a self-portrait. Obviously need to practice a bit and clean that blessed mirror! (I am really camera shy!)

Check out thrifty fun across the globe at both Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures. ATG also is donating proceeds from her Little Shop (an online thrift of sorts!) for Japan earthquake relief. So scary and tragic what is going on over there. I plan to donate to Red Cross, but maybe I will buy something from Selena as well! Also, if someone wants those Pyrex cups (the Trade Me Up ones) and is willing to make and show me the donation receipt as a trade (to either Japan Relief or for an animal rescue agency-another tragedy I read about yesterday that brought me to tears), I will send them out to you pronto (first come, email on side bar)!


Michelle said...

Silhouettes are one of my favorites. Those pictures are gorgeous. I've seen several different styles with that background picture. Love your treasures. So fun! I'm really getting into this sharing our flea market/thrift store finds. It's great to see what everyone is finding!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i can't resist vintage illustrations!

Brittany said...

Hi Gina - congratulations! My little ones helped me draw winners out of an ice bucket this morning and you won the snowflake Pyrex divided casserole dish. Please let me know where you'd like it mailed and I'll get out to the post office this week.

Happy weekend!


Brittany said...

Hi Gina - if you'll send me an email at with the address to send the Pyrex to, I'll get it in the mail this week.