Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: March Roars

First up for my Thrift Share Monday show and tell are these boring soup mugs. The weird thing is I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a matching set to replace all our odds and ends bowls. These were $1 each and fit the bill for our soup. Oddly, though they look new, these babies are almost 20 years old (made by Westwood in 1993). Realizing these mugs are almost 'vintage' makes me feel a bit old.

OK, I spent way too much for one of these items (hint, a very iconic item from the late 70's/80's). Definitely more than the 90c it originally cost someone. I used to steal my older brothers Mad magazines and fold the back pages! These will probably be gifts for both my brothers. I actually found 46 of them in perfect shape and in the end I couldn't just pick a couple (I bought them all!)

A whole bunch of odds and ends stamps (sadly, not a complete set). They are scattered on a great, unmarked chick transferware plate I suspect is not vintage.

The sweet, wooden bird art was handmade in Somerset, KY. I love it. The little squirrel was a 79c bargain that had to go home with me for no particular reason. The Asian pot is missing its lid, but I plan to put a succulent plant in it anyway.
Lately, I have been finding silhouettes. This one has "circa 1880 P. Wolf" on the bottom. I think they mean the image as there is no possible way this is that old. Cute, nonetheless, and when I find a third one I will hang them somewhere (I have a girl with poultry somewhere around here).
I also found a great hippy sundress by a designer called Bila. Unfortunately, I did not try it on and it looks horrible on me (I was with youngest child so in a hurry; the dress makes me look like I have another on the way). And, not pictured, are the great vintage rabbit planters I found and made into a springtime display at the IN house (forgot to photograph). Chocolate eggs fit perfectly inside them! ;)
(Excuse typos tonight...tired and spellcheck is being a bear!)
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By the Bluegrass said...

Very cute! Love the wooden bird print. And, cool old stamps. Hopefully you can make a word or two with them.

Bounty Huntress said...

The wooden bird art has stolen my heart. Too cute!

Michelle said...

The wooden bird art is lovely! I love, love, love it. Great finds!