Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrifted! The Usual Suspects

First up is this ugly thing. I have no idea what it is suppose to be (a display maybe?), but I didn't buy it for the state it is in currently. I bought it for the hardware stuck haphazardly all over it. I've mentioned a couple of times I am refurbishing a 1900 Shotgun house and I think this doorknob will be perfect. I also love the hooks and plan to make something for the bathroom (or kitchen). I plan basically dismantle this entire thing and reuse almost all of it in new ways (the wood will be outside shelves for my plants).
Close up of the beautiful hardware!

I cannot resist (cheap) milk glass. I have been hoarding it for years. As soon as I have better lighting in this house (i.e. after spring equinox), I'll do a collection post and share with you all that I have displayed. I have a lot. Perhaps you noticed another thing I hoard in this photograph: Miss Virgin Mary. I hoard vintage Mary planters as well. Despite a complete lack of religious bones, I heart, heart, heart Religionalia! I'll share that major collection on another day.

OK, it seems this was the weekend for finding all my classic collectibles. I really don't collect the really 'baby' planters anymore, but I could not resist this cutie lamb. I love it and did not already have it! I guess I can show you that (really) major collection one day as well. The other item is a glass storage container with a lid. I was thinking about buying one from Target this week, but I the thrift goddess prevailed! I plan to store dirt in it. Yes, you read correctly, I need a container to store seed starting soil as I am tired of leaky bags.

And, last-not-least, another great shelf. As a collector (i.e. see all of the above) I can always use more ways to show things off. My goal in the next couple of months is to purge and organize my collections. I am so tired of boxes. I know I have treasures packed away and I cannot wait to get them dusted and on display. This shelf will be slightly altered by adding vintage numbers to each of the boxes. I am thinking my cameras will fit nicely here. Yes, cameras...been hoarding those for years too.

Overall, I had a great thrifting weekend! How about you?

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Curious Life: February Edition

Sweet Lamb R.I.P.
Jade's Snow Day
Shotgun House R.I.P.
Spring's Eternal Hope/February Bloom

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Well, I know it's been awhile since I shared my thrifted goodies (or even blogged anything for that matter). As always, I state the excuse: work, work, work. Then, tired, tired, tired rounds out most days. Yet, I thrift on. I found the dusty barn shelf at a Indiana thrift store last weekend. I'm not sure where it will end up at this point.
My favorite thrift store near my home in KY closed this week. I think I am in the denial stage at the moment (see above: work 3X, tired 3X), but I am sure the rest of the mourning stages are right around the corner. Especially when the spring comes on full blast next month (please!) and beckons me outside. I went to the first day of 50% off everything, but most of it was gone. I bought a book about the Order Cetacea (whales & dolphins) that I had been eyeing for awhile. I didn't snap a picture. The above etched bowl is gorgeous and came from Bowling Green Habitat Restore. It will be a terrarium one of these days.
This is probably my favorite find from the last couple of weeks. I found it at the same thrift store as the barn shelf. It was 50% off day. It's beaded and very bohemian. I actually already have another with a slightly different style. I guess I'll need to find one more for a true collection. It'd only be fair, right?

What have you found this week?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thrift Share Sunday

Some of you may have seen my thrift finds from the challenge I undertook on Friday. It was inspired by the hit song 'Thrift Shop" (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) and it was helluva fun to thrift with only $20 in my pocket! Check out the blog Young House Love for other participants. many had never (ever!) thrift shopped before! I especially love the one where the person found a shirt they loved, but wanted to wash it 15X before wearing. me? I've been known to thrift the perfect dress and wear it the same day! I do wash most thrifted items first, but if I'm really excited to wear something, I've been known to trust the old olfactory system. I guess I always think people could have tried on the clothes at the store just the same. Not that I'm judging; I guess I'm just a complete opposite of 'germ-a-phobe" frame-of-mind and find it funny! Well, I am a biologist. I guess that may have something to do with it. I know germs out number us no matter how often we wash something. Nevertheless, the challenge inspired a new crop to thrift. Hmm, I am on the fence on whether that is good or bad (my greedy side says, "Bad...")

Of course, the challenge items have not been my only thrift finds in the last couple of weeks. I thought I would purge the rest of the photos and show you the rest of my cool treasures. Most of these came from West Virginia; a few from Louisville thrifts.

I cannot resist animal planters. I've been collecting them for going on 20 years and someday I hope to thrift one of those vintage wooden half circle plant stands. I will fill that baby up with a zoo! I also snagged a great 3M racing game (Derby ready!), and a toy camera that apparently was a promotional hand-out for a Bratz movie. Check out the last photo for why I picked it up for 50c. I like to play around with these plastic cameras and this one should take really great awful photos!

 Deer, horse, fawns
blue bird, bulldog
3M Game (perfect for a Louisville residence) and a working toy camera
Sorry for the blur-just showing the used roll of film in the camera. I cannot wait to get it developed. I also found that kitty you see in the lower right. I bought her for the Etsy shop, but notice a tiny chip on one ear (I swear I checked at the store), so she is keeping my plants company for now.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

$20 in My Pocket

Remember when I said I was a challenge junkie? Well, now I have found one that is so customize for my alley, I just had to share!

My absolute favorite song right now is called "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I first heard a snip-it of it on a Fresh Air interview with the band a few months ago and later someone posted it. All I can say is "Love!" In case you have not heard it, here's the link to the grown-up version of the song (i.e. if 'fuck' offends you, I think there is a PG version of the song as well).

Anyway, Young House Love (a really hip blog if you haven't heard of it) has schemed up with the most brilliant of all challenges: The (Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge.

Here are the "rules":

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket” and take a picture.

Step #2. Spend that $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

I believe they plan to have a link up (possibly today), so I plan to hit the thrifts here in a bit. I am waiting for the sun to warm things up a bit (including my frozen pipes! Eek! I blogged about it on the house blog if you're interested).

Here's how I did:

  1.  Natural history books, a book on the history of dogs, a vintage photo album (total $2) and the cutest little Singer sewing box ($4)
  2. Art supplies and sweet handmade art smock ($3)
  3. Close-up of the fabric.
  4.  My favorite find (and the cheapest at only 80c!). I'm not exactly Catholic, but my boys are. And I cannot resist Religionalia.
  5. Cute owl pillow that needs some cleaning (someone's cat loved it apparently) $2.
  6. Speaking of cats...$2
  7.  And, like a hole in the head, a vintage camera for the collection ($4). No more. I mean it.
I had $20 in my pocket...

And, here are not one, but two, items referenced in the song:

"Oh hell, he got the velcro..."

"Passin' on those moccassins someone else been walkin' in..."