Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrifted! The Usual Suspects

First up is this ugly thing. I have no idea what it is suppose to be (a display maybe?), but I didn't buy it for the state it is in currently. I bought it for the hardware stuck haphazardly all over it. I've mentioned a couple of times I am refurbishing a 1900 Shotgun house and I think this doorknob will be perfect. I also love the hooks and plan to make something for the bathroom (or kitchen). I plan basically dismantle this entire thing and reuse almost all of it in new ways (the wood will be outside shelves for my plants).
Close up of the beautiful hardware!

I cannot resist (cheap) milk glass. I have been hoarding it for years. As soon as I have better lighting in this house (i.e. after spring equinox), I'll do a collection post and share with you all that I have displayed. I have a lot. Perhaps you noticed another thing I hoard in this photograph: Miss Virgin Mary. I hoard vintage Mary planters as well. Despite a complete lack of religious bones, I heart, heart, heart Religionalia! I'll share that major collection on another day.

OK, it seems this was the weekend for finding all my classic collectibles. I really don't collect the really 'baby' planters anymore, but I could not resist this cutie lamb. I love it and did not already have it! I guess I can show you that (really) major collection one day as well. The other item is a glass storage container with a lid. I was thinking about buying one from Target this week, but I the thrift goddess prevailed! I plan to store dirt in it. Yes, you read correctly, I need a container to store seed starting soil as I am tired of leaky bags.

And, last-not-least, another great shelf. As a collector (i.e. see all of the above) I can always use more ways to show things off. My goal in the next couple of months is to purge and organize my collections. I am so tired of boxes. I know I have treasures packed away and I cannot wait to get them dusted and on display. This shelf will be slightly altered by adding vintage numbers to each of the boxes. I am thinking my cameras will fit nicely here. Yes, cameras...been hoarding those for years too.

Overall, I had a great thrifting weekend! How about you?

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The Recycle-ista said...

I LOVE old hardware...sweet find to repurpose!!

Wendy said...

I would have bought it for the hardware, too... That doorknob is great!

ThrifterSisters said...

Don't you love thrifting something that you almost bought at retail? It's so exciting!

Love the hardware on that thingamajig. Good for you for repurposing.

Have a wonderful week,


Gina said...

Thanks for all your great comments!