Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Good Story with a Junky Ending

So, one of the first people I met when I moved down to KY was the wonderful woman in the office next to me. We work for the same agency, different programs. She helped me tremendously with getting acquainted with other KY colleagues and learning some of the job. She is a wealth of experience and interesting stories. We even share similar ideologies!

Imagine my surprise when I mentioned I loved thrifting and I found out her and her husband (also a retired colleague in the same agency) are avid collectors, thrifters and auction attendees. We even have similar favorites as far as what we like to collect (I love the 30's/40's era). She could roll off maker's marks like nothing!

Well, the other day we were discussing spice racks for whatever reason and she mentioned she has a favorite one that is missing one piece. She has looked constantly for the missing piece, but has not been able to find it. She described it to me and the piece suddenly jumped into my head as if she had the rack in front of me (she did not). She ended up taking a picture of it and as soon as I saw it I recognized it. See, years and years ago I thrifted this one spice canister: Cloves. I have no recollection of when or where I found it, but I have carried it around with me for years. I thought it might even be in my China cabinet back in IN.

I was right. It is her missing piece!! What are the odds that two people would find complimentary vintage spice elements so far apart? How odd that the very one she is missing is the one I have? I wrapped it up and I cannot wait to gift her with it on Monday (thank goodness Gov did not shutdown!!)
I also want to share my fabulous find. It is the owl lamp I have admired in my favorite pub! I need to find a shade and I am debating painting it a solid color (except those freaky eyes), but I was so excited to spot it at a St. Vinnie's in KY. And, I saved the best for last! Here is the GORGEOUS Pyrex casserole dish I won from Brittany at My (Un)Intentional Life. Thank you so much! This pattern (along with Gooseberry) has always been my favorite and I have never found any of this one! I will treasure it!


tansy said...

that is pretty amazing that you had the missing piece!

i love that owl lamp. i'd buy a lamp if i found one like that.

glad you still have a job. :)

By the Bluegrass said...

What a neat story! She will be thrilled!

Brittany said...

What a great story about that cloves canister! It reminds me of a post I read recently via ATG's Thrift Share (I can't remember on whose blog, unfortunately) about someone who thrifted and then sold an old wedding photo. She had included the names written on the photo in her listing and it turns out that one of the couple's descendants bought it. I think one of the best parts of thrifting is the history - even though it is often unknown - behind the great pieces that can be found on the shelves (or in boxes, etc.). And who doesn't love a guess-how-this-came-into-my-possession story?