Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eggstra Special Egg Swap 2011

I was lucky enough to be one of the participants of the Monkeybox Blog Eggstra Special Egg Swap. It was hosted by the lovely Shara and I really appreciate that she was able to make room for me in her very popular swap! I received the box o' eggs last Monday, but, since I was down in KY all week, I didn't get to open my surprise until this weekend.

Wow! Every last egg is gorgeous and creatively designed by the artist; I love them all! I took a group photo, but it is hard to see every one. Look here for better individual photographs of each egg with the creator's link. Everyone really put a lot of heart and soul into their artwork!

Unfortunately, I did not photograph mine, so I borrowed Shara's picture of my contribution. I forgot before I boxed it up and shipped it. I was a bit late on the deadline (head down) due to work travel (ah, what else is new???), so I rushed to pack them up. Originally, I wanted to create a bigger nest and source egg shaped earrings from the thrifts, but when I saw the broken pearl necklace one day, I knew the pearls would be my 'eggs'. I love miniatures. I had planned to glam up the nests with ribbons and rick rack and other vintage bits, but when I finished each little paper mache nest, I knew simple was best. The only material I used (besides the pearls) was pages from an old Louisville phone book and twigs from my farm. I was happy with the simplicity and I hope others were not disappointed by the plainness! :)

The other thing I forgot is to make one for myself! I still have lots of pearls, so I hope to make more. I think they would be really cute as gift embellishments! I didn't make a tutorial for my nests, but I am a 'beginning' craftster and these are really easy to make. Basically, you just chose a thinner paper (newspaper like), ball it up to start, then use a paper mache paste (I used Modge Podge) and start adding twisted strips around in a nest-like fashion. You can mold the edges to be more tucked in while it is wet. They dry fairly quick! You could even weave in ribbons or thread as you go or add glitter. Very easy, very quick to make!


By the Bluegrass said...

ahh, your little nest is really cute! What a fun swap. I love swaps!

dogsmom said...

Your nest is adorable! I always have old broken jewelry looking for new use. This year I found some other things to make a real vignette for Easter.

Rebecca said...

I love your nest! I was thinking it would be a fun funky pin for a coat but I'd be worried it would get damaged. I have mine sitting on a little shelf in my craft room. :)

Gina said...

Thanks for your kind comments!!

I actually thought about making them into brooches and then ran out of time!