Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: My Own Barn

I already shared with you my fabulous owl lamp find (I love it! I do have to ask, though, how come so many lamps in thrift stores are missing the shade?), so I am going to show you some of my (mostly) Indiana discoveries this week. Well, except for this shelf and stack of books. It is hard to see (with my great photography skills), but the books are A Series of Unfortunate Events. I originally found 13 in the series for 50c at GW. I thought it might take some time, but I thought it would be great to find the entire series for my eldest boy (and even the other one later on). Well, a couple of weeks later, at a Louisville flea market, I found 1-9 for $2 each (perfect condition!) Now I only need the remaining 3 to call it a set!

I also found the cool handmade shelf. I love the rough little swallows, but not so much the rough cocks on either end (not pictured). Nevertheless, I love it and it is big. I need display space and am trying to decide whether to paint the shelf or not.

OK, back to Indiana...I found the Doc Martin sandals and Born shoes at a thrift store for $2 each pair. I actually have a black pair of Born shoes identical to these red ones (also thrifted), but I paid more for them. Not pictured, I also picked up 2 Made in Japan planters (a white Victorian girl and Swan for the bathroom collection).

The best finds this week (besides my cool owl lamp) came from my own barn. As I was reminded by Hubby Dear (when I mentioned yard sale season would commence soon in No. IN) to keep purchases to a minimum (i.e."It has to fit in the Pod"), I did not do too much weekend thrifting. I also started going through the boxes-o-crap I still have stored away. Most of it is auction lot stuff, stuff I have thrifted through the years, plus a bunch of boxes of vintage fabric a neighbor's daughter gave me after her mother died. I took most of it in and found some great vintage pieces (tablecloths, quilt squares, dresses, fabric, curtains). Down in one of the boxes, under the folded linens, I found a tin. Look what was inside!

All in all there are about 20 squares with about half finished, some started and others untouched. Unfortunately, this particular box of stuff was stored in her garage for years and then was put in my barn because of the smell. I washed most of the fabrics, but didn't open this tin until later in the day (I also found another full of old buttons). I need to gently clean them with something to remove musty odor (I can tolerate "old smell" really well, but these are beyond tolerable; however, their cuteness factor makes them so worth saving). I hope to make the quilt she apparently had planned!

I will tell you an eerie story about this particular neighbor. She was fairly healthy for her age (late 80's/early 90's). After she died, I helped the daughter clean up the house (this was partly why she gave me the box of fabrics. She had planned to toss them, but I expressed interest so this was my "payment"). On her wall, LH kept a calendar. She would write in her doctor's appointments or other outings. On the day she died, in her scratchy penmanship, she had written: "Stay Home". This was the only day she gave herself this particular appointment.

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Kim K. said...

Your quilt squares are too too cute. I hope you do put them together. What a wonderful treasurer.

Hoola Tallulah said...

Those little embroideries are so very sweet, what an awesome find, hopefully you can get rid of the musty smell. Soaking them in water and white vinegar often works....
I love old embroideries, I wonder who stitched them, what was their intended person and who they were for, they were surely stitched with love in mind :)

Hoola Tallulah said...

oops, I meant intended purpose, its way too early for me :)

Bounty Huntress said...

I like that shelf too. Nice linens re-find as well!