Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Leftovers

Despite not being terribly religious*, I *heart* Religionalia, especially if it is from 1920's-1950's era. I am partial to the Catholic items (long before I had a Catholic husband and now sons) because of the fact that women were more prominently represented, motherhood is honored, and they tend to be a little more on the kitschy side of things (my absolute favorite side of thrifty things). Take this little nun, for example, found slightly broken and repaired at the yard sale I've already told you about (hey, she is right at home among my shattered and reglued ceramics!) I love her and she will fit in with the collection soon to be housed on the wall with my vintage/antique religious certificates.
Look more Religionalia! A Mary planter found for 60c at the thrift with 50% off I visited last week. Her middle finger is missing, but we love her all the same. She can still give us the ol' bird with the other hand should she find it necessary. She is sequestered inside another cacti cache pot (as a book I recently checked from the library explained that planters without holes are called). And, because it fit behind her, a milk glass (hobnail) wall pocket is also showcased for your viewing pleasure.

Two keeper state plates from the box lot bought at the yard sale. Kentucky (of course) with a fabulous pastel rainbow effect (Made in Japan) and Brown County, Indiana. I also threw in two pins I bought at the 50% off sale in the photo. One says Flint Creek (25c) and the other a silver butterfly. They are sitting on another recent find (from a couple of weeks ago), a gorgeous maple wall shelf. The wall shelf, the nun and Mary, and other collected religious artifacts will soon be a vignette on my wall. Stay tuned for photos (maybe even this weekend if they would quit being so darn short).

And, because they were sweet and cheap, I grabbed these pastel kissing Dutch children the same day I found the shelf (at a KY flea market). I can only say, it is definitely a Small World in my kitschy universe.

Linkin' it up with the usual thrift parties: Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures.

Oh, and reason for crappy photos tonight? Yep, you guessed it: more rain in Louisville!

*Not to be confused with spiritual! ;)


Bounty Huntress said...

Cute Dutch kids and I love your plates!

Kylie said...

I love religionalia too...can't wait to see your vignette. Your Mary looks very pious and the little Nun so cute (I never had any Nun's teach me that looked like that!)
I like your souvenir plates too, they could be the start of another vignette...

Rebecca said...

Fun finds! I love the Mary, sans finger and all. :) I have a few statues myself. The nun is adorable as well! Can't wait to see everything together on your new shelf.

Gina said...


Hopefully this weekend I'll actually have time to organize! (ha ha ha!!)

At least it *finally* stopped raining today! :)

Laura said...

Sweet sweet kissing boy and girl! I love them :) I never religionalia up here in the frozen north.

Michelle said...

The kissing dutch boy and girl are adorable. Thanks for sharing!