Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Limits

Here's a little teaser preview of some of the treasures I found while yard salin' Friday with mi madre. As I mentioned earlier, the deals were fabulous (I mean like 10c and 25c price tags), but the vintage was not abundant. I got a late start getting to my mom's house (about 45-50 minutes from mine) and we picked a popular addition to shop (maybe we should have ventured to one of the town-wide sales in near-by areas). Nevertheless, since I really went without expectations and a set limit to my funds (cash!), I had an open mind.

I only have a small bit pictured above (what was left in the trunk when I left IN last night; the rest is back home being cleaned or already put away).

(My usual, terrible photos...I think I really need to practice! I am in constant awe of some of the photography I see on blogs)

  • The taller shelf is not new (it was the one I talked about last week).

  • The smaller curio shelf is new (50c)

  • Vance the pig was a star on one of the late '80's Pee Wee Herman movies. He is still in his original packaging. I actually have a thrifted Pee Wee from many moons ago (late nineties!)

  • Books (like I need a hole in the proverbial head): Spanish dictionary, Hardy Boys, two Alfred Hitchcock novels, a hiking manual, and a McCall's cookbook

  • 'Real English Ironstone" creamer holds a succulent (put in there by me)

  • A great planter (I am researching this pottery)

  • A couple of craft kits

  • A embroidered and pom-pomed pillow

  • Vintage sheet set (just the pillow case on middle shelf); cloth napkins; and two pieces of not-vintage, but cool fabric (top shelf)

  • Two cute Scottish dolls (not usually a doll collector, but I couldn't resist their tartan kilts!)

  • And the wonderful old world art with a mustard yellow, velvet background that will be going on the wall of religionalia (of course, I didn't get to it this weekend...:(

  • I will do a part II this weekend because I left the cool stuff behind. I found a handmade tulip quilt (my most expensive purchase); afghan; a corning ware percolator coffee pot (brand new only 25c!!); farm ledger; and a great wooden turtle ottoman/step stool thing and many, many more items. I even brought money home!

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    mumsarcade said...

    I love the pig and used to have dolls like that as I collected dolls from different countries as a girl. You like your bargain-hunting by the looks of things. I link up to Magpie Monday on my blog at