Monday, May 9, 2011

On Lumps

When I get home later I will update for Thrift Share Monday. I had a lovely weekend (Happy belated Mother's Day!) and not only was I able to go yard saling with my own mother, but took all the mothers in my family out to Mexican brunch at a favorite local restaurant back home (mom, MIL, sister, niece, sister's MIL) and received wonderful art from my oldest son (and kisses from my littlest son).

On Friday, my mom and I found many bargains and useful items (prices were mostly great at the sales), but the vintage pickings were slim. I found a few things (and will share when I get my camera I forgot this weekend), but nothing spectacular.

While salin' my cell phone rang and it was the results from my mammogram (first one!) I had on Thursday. Seems I have something suspicious and more images and an ultrasound are needed to discern the benign unusual from the dangerous lumps in the density that is my breasts. Breast cancer runs extremely high on both sides of my family, but closest to me, my mom is a breast cancer survivor (first find when she was 41 and had her first mammo) and her mother died at 45 from a very aggressive (albeit, untreated) breast cancer. My aunts have all died or had a run in with lumps, some of their daughters are survivors and my dad's sisters have had later age breast cancer. All in all, I am at an incredible risk to develop it at some point in my life.

About a year ago I found a lump. It is very small and I wondered if I was just imagining it or feeling something normal. I tried comparing it to the other side, but I decided I have absolutely no idea what I am suppose to feel (unless it is huge and undeniably not a gland, fat, blood vessel or tissue). I finally told my doctor about it and my history. She immediately ordered me a mammogram owing my history (I was younger than the insurance would allow without an order at that time). I never went to the appointment.

So, when I went in a few weeks ago with my mysterious illness, I mentioned my history. She ordered the test and this time I kept the appointment. The procedure is uncomfortable (I won't mislead you and this is coming from someone with little sensation in that area), but quick. The staff was friendly and she told me right away that I would be called back (so not a surprise when I got the call on Friday). She was very reassuring.

Breast cancer is highly treatable if found early on, so I am glad I went to the screening (even if it turns out to be nothing). I think because I was so young when my mom received treatment, I have been prepared for this almost my entire life (she had a partial mastectomy and many years later, in her sixties, they found another lump and she had to receive chemo and the whole nine yards, but she survived and is doing well). I also have a good online friend who knows first hand about breast cancer and she is an amazing and strong survivor!

The lump may be benign (chances are in this favor), but if not, I will deal with what I need to when the time comes.

OK, next post will be a bit more fun! ;)


Rebecca said...

I just had a friend who went for her first screening and they found what they called an irregularity and decided it was best to remove it. I'm glad it all worked out for her and I'll be thinking about you!!

Kylie said...

something for us all to keep in mind Gina, thanks for posting about it.
sending you lots of positive vibes x

Gina said...

Thank you, Rebecca and Kylie. Your thoughts mean a lot to me!

Best! ~Gina

By the Bluegrass said...

I sure hope everything turns out okay! My mom is also a breast cancer survivor. She had a double mastectomy, which is what I would do if I ever got it. Cuts the worries way down. I also get regular mammograms. It's very important! keep us posted. Take care.

antvee said...

Hey Gina, Just got back from spending a few days with my mama. We took a big load of stuff to the GW after cleaning out 3 of her closets, so of course your name came up :) and then I wondered if you'd kept your appointment. I'm so glad you did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, hoping all goes well. If you need to talk I'm here.

Gina said...

Thanks, Sena! Def. keep up on your checks!

Vonne: Thanks for the offer (I really appreciate it!)

Gina said...

Hmmm...posted another comment which is MIA.

Thank you, Sena! Yes, I will def be more vigilant about mammos in the future!!

V. Thank you for the offer. I appreciate your friendship so much! (And I bet I would have loved some of that GW stuff!!! ;)

Bounty Huntress said...

Hi Gina,
I'm way behind on reading these days! Just wanted to check in and see how you were. Did you get the results back yet?

Gina said...

Hi, I did! I need to update. It is a spot they will watch, but is nothing dangerous according to the radiologist. I have to go back in 6 months!