Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maybe Someone Messed UP

On my way home from work tonight, I saw my landlord's car at her office (next door to my apt. house). Grimacing because I knew she would want to talk to me again about renting one of her houses (too expensive-I'd rather buy), I drove on by and ended up at the downtown Louisville Goodwill. Now the GWs in Louisville are expensive compared to other ones I've been through, but they often have practical, newer things like shoes, clothing, books and other items that are not necessarily vintage or neat, just useful. Only occasionally do I spot something unique and old, but the price tag reflects they know their vintage in this river city (or the item is broken). But, but...

Look what I found tonight!

I think someone really f--ked up on this one because there are three layers and each layer is full of vintage-y goodness. The box itself is old. Even the eccentric cashier (who I really think hates white people, but I am working on her and she called me "sweetie" tonight) said, "Wow, you found something I didn't see. I gave her the dark thread because she said she needed some.

Mending tape in every color (this is after I emptied the chaos and organized the contents).
Wooden thread spools, a great patch, needles; sewing accoutrements; buttons galore (side note: Did you know 'galore' is one of the few Celtic/Gaelic words that made it into the English language? I learned this while traveling last week on a NPR interview of an author from Newfoundland about his book Galore).

The best part (besides all the great treasures hiding in this wonderful amber box) was the price: $4.50! Yes, I know, I know...next week several of you will have a buggy full of great vintage prizes, including a sewing box full of old needles, wooden spools and copper buttons bought for only the few nickles scrounged at the bottom of your $1 bedazzled, yard sale find Enid Collins purse*, but by Louisville thrift store standards, $4.50 is the virtual same as 50 cents!

*Yep, spied an EC purse at a thrift in Louisville recently for about $50 (no decimal point)!


By the Bluegrass said...

Oooh, you know I'm jealous! I so wish I could come across one of these. This is the same sewing box we had when I was little. It's from the 70's.
You lucky girl!

Monica said...

You scored on that sewing stuff! I have yet to find an Enid Collins purse in all of my years of thrifting.

Bounty Huntress said...

Great score!!!!

Betsy said...

Wow, what a great find and you can't beat that price. I would have grabbed it in a second.