Monday, May 23, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: 1,001 Nights

Historic town of Greensbrier, VA.

OK, I am just sharing this interesting and beautiful toy I found in Louisville (I actually only found two scarves at the above thrift store. Oh, I also found a neat chanterelle mushroom tile which I promptly broke along the way :( At other thrift stores, I did find lots of other neat things, however, and will share over the week when I am not feeling so tired and crabby).

The camel needs a bit of doctorin' as his neck is a bit on the weak side. The figure is basically two heads covered by appropriate garb. It is the perfect prop to re-enact 1,001 Arabian Nights! I love its folk art quality.

It is rainy again in Louisville tonight and we are (or were) under severe weather threat. My heart goes out (once again) to the folks who lost someone from one of the vicious storms that raged (or is still raging) across the U.S.

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Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Get some sleep!

Is it scary to say that that top toy actually looks like someone I know!?

& I had when things break. I always get so depressed when something breaks or gets wrecked.

missielizzie said...

That's certainly unique!

Hope you can fix the poorly camel :0)

Thanks for linking up xx

Kylie said...

Hi Gina, I tried to comment yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me...I hope you bunkered down and managed to sleep through the stormy night and have woken up to a bright sunny day.
I'm thinking of you x