Wednesday, December 26, 2012

13 Goals for 2013 (part I)

The time is finally upon us!
Time to say good-bye 2012 and hello 2013!
Here is my annual list of New Year goals. Each year, with the brightest of hope, I follow this rite of passage. I posted ones for 2011 and 2012. Note: I have been anything but consistent in my goal approach. I've tried long lists, short ones, ones for each year of my life and for each month of the year and unfortunately, I often fail to master any of my goals (my energy wanes with the sun). The annual goal list, however, is a much loved self-tradition, my chance to start a clean slate. I'm pretty certain I will always create a goal list when a year ends and a new one begins.
The last few years have left me feeling a bit on the weary side. Above all else in the New Year, I hope to reclaim my energy and a brighter outlook on life. I've decided lucky 13 is a good number to attempt. I am optimistic I can succeed in 2013.
 So, what are your goals for the New Year? I can't wait to read all the lists in the next few days!
13 Goals for 2013

1.       Study Photography: I learn best auto-didactically. When I focus on a task I love, I can easily become absorbed and teach myself the basics. When I practice the new task, I become better. This is my underlying objection for all my goals, but photography is something I really want to improve. I want to understand and try new-to-me techniques. Learn the power and the mechanics of the cameras I own.  My direct goal: Take at least one photo a day for 2013.

2.       Construct Dollhouses: Years (and years) ago my mother gave me two dollhouse kits that my late father gifted her. They languished in closets at her home before coming to me where they languished in new closets. I have been inspired again of late by the gorgeous blogs showing off their dollhouses. I also have a beautiful thrifted one that just needs to be repaired and decorated. My direct goal: To be able to decorate at least one of my houses for Christmas 2013.

3.       Bake Things: I have a secret wish to be a baker. As a scientist, in fact a chemist and biologist, I love the science of yeast and chemicals. I love the smell and texture of baked goods. I have quite a stockpile of books dedicated to the art of baking and it is time to get my nose out of the book and into the oven. My direct goal: Bake 13 new things in 2013.

4.       Do Housework: As is my attention-deficit way, I lost steam on the new Louisville house in fall 2012. The house, at the time of this writing, has an incomplete kitchen floor, a front room color that reminds me of Pepto-Bismol, a significant missing ceiling in the bedroom, and unpacked boxes cluttering nearly every room (to name a very, very few). I love the house and want to make it a happy place again. My direct goal: By Summer 2013, unpack boxes, complete paint, install flooring, plant a landscape, put up the siding and paint the gingerbread trim.

5.       Blog a life: I have mental plans to revamp and reconstruct my blog(s) this year. My hope is that I can improve on some of the mechanics of keeping a blog. I’ve been a writer in my past and a lover of words since I was a wee lass. I hope to become a more organized blogger in 2013, maybe create some regular blogging categories. Basically, I want to create a blog that fits me and hopefully others will want to read it too. I really want to design a blog that is user friendly and individualistic to me. My direct goal: Revamp the blog and post five three times a week in 2013.

6.       Adopt a Friend: Most of the animals that have graced my life have been found in an animal shelter or rescue. Last year, Orca the Boston terrier came into my life. It changed my outlook on living part time away from my family by leaps and bounds. I was a lonely girl. I hope to extend that circle of friendship by adopting another beast (cat, dog, rabbit, bird-not yet determined). My direct goal: Adopt a shelter animal in 2013.

7.       Lose Weight: I know this one sounds really cliché. I also really don’t mean to place the focus on weight lose, but on getting healthy. Again. The move in late 2010 and the following stressful years gave me 30 extra pounds. Ouch. It’s hard to believe, but prior to the move I jogged three miles nearly every day. I was healthy and felt wonderful. I miss that feeling. I believe diet is a big component of being healthy and  I do plan to work on my diet next year, but I think being active is the key. My direct goal: Eat vegetarian/vegan and run/walk a marathon in 2013.
Tune in tomorrow for Part II (Goals 8-13)


Shannon said...

Good luck with the New Years goals! I always enjoy your posts.

Gina said...

Thanks, Shannon!