Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goals Week One: Wannabee

Back in the early part of the century (2000-ish), I started to devour books about urban homesteading and city farming. I eventually built a small chicken run and a garden in the little backyard of my house. Actually, if I really think about it, I had an interest even in the mid-90's and used to draw plans for a small raised bed and chicken run in my tiny Arizona apartment's backyard. I loved that the courtyard in AZ had lemons and oranges growing in it (even if I never did harvest them due to a move).

Anyway, after I moved from the city to a rural property, I had high hopes of becoming a market grower (or at least a 100 feet locavore). I did garden every year for my family until I moved to Louisville, but I never seemed to gain enough skills (or time) to grow for the farmer's market. I pretty much gave up the dream.

Fast forward, last week I attended a fruit and vegetable growers conference in Kentucky. Although I was an exhibitor and could not attend the great seminars (grape growing, wine making, asparagus growing, bee keeping), I learned volumes from folks stopping by my work's exhibit. Not only did I learn from these wonderful people, but they rekindled a flame from a spark I had only been feeling for the past 1.5 years in form of wishful thinking. For their time in talking about their setups and how they got started, I am grateful.

I am also counting this as part of the move towards my 2012 goals.

12 for 12 for 12 Roundup: Week 1

Learn: Attended a fruit and vegetable growers conference (as an exhibitor); reading Essential Urban Farmer (Novella Carpenter), Gardening in Small Places, and lots of blogs. Restudied the fine art of making a worm bin

Complete: 95% completed with my 2011 work case files (part of my 12 before 2012 goals-CANNOT wait to have them completed 100%)

Move: I hiked! It was lovely and will be a near future post here.

Sustain: Removed two cardboard wrapping paper tubes from the recycle bin after reading this article. Continuing to save yogurt containers for seed starting. Collected 4 eggs (two of which had froze and became dog snacks). Bad news here, is we lost our Pekin duck we have had for four years. I am not sure what happened to her (no marks, she looked healthy). She was the last of our ducks (stray dogs attacked and killed much of our poultry and rabbits a few years ago and then the move prevented me from raising replacements).

Plan: Thinking a lot about my gardening plans this year. I am also contemplating better work habits (like not waiting until last minute to complete case files). I am also working towards debt reduction to allow me to come home.

Nourish: Nothing really significant. I did bring healthy snacks on my business trip last week to counteract eating out on the road.

Create: I started step one of the Meyer lemon limoncello (future gifts).

Grow: Ordered my first round of seeds from small family business. I will make final order in another week after I have had a chance to organize my old seeds. I also moved my Meyer lemon tree from the basement (it's been under lights) and it seems happier next to the back door. In fact, I spotted blossoms starting on it this morning.

Observe: Visited a new place called Natural Bridge State Resort (KY) and hiked to the bridge. It was super quiet and beautiful and I tried my best to capture some of this beauty on digital. I will share this week!

Budget: I did fairly well at not spending money on anything other than essentials. I did fall off the wagon on restaurant food (I was on the road and it is always so easy and tempting), one thrifting stop (more on that later), and some extras at the grocery store (clearance items). Sadly, I am also struggling (always it seems) with a man that is utterly STUPID when it comes to money. Not a happy part of the week (enough said).

Play: I can't say I did anything here, although, I had a lot of fun at that conference and, even though it was work, I could categorize it as play. The hike probably fits here as well. I also read a bit of a Christmas present book for pleasure (the latest by Charles Frazier).

Love: Tried to tell my boys ILU a bit more and also tried a little more patience with them. The three of us had a nice weekend.

Hopeful Goals for week 2:

1. Finish seed organizing/order
2. FINISH case files (unfort or maybe fortunately, I have to or there will be hell to pay with the boss)
3. Try a thrifted cookbook recipe
4. Clean apartment
5. Purge unworn clothing/unecessary objects from apartment
6. Photograph objects for the Etsy shop
7. Work out 3 times at gym/walk whenever nice outside

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dogsmom said...

I think you accomplished a LOT and it seems your activities are very oriented towards larger goals.
My suggestion is that perhaps you break some of the larger goals into smaller chunks and make smaller mileposts into goals themselves. It will motivate you more as you can check more on-the-way goals off your list and see more vibrantly how much progress you are making.

I again collected some memoir books late last fall with a more rural taste. Reading them I realize that I don't have to move forward perfectly, just step by step.

Gina said...

Thank you for the feedback, Dogsmom!! You're absolutely right! :)

Van said...

Nice list! The hardest part will be exercising three days a week ;) That gets me every time. NEXT week I'll add "ride bike every week day" to the list and try to keep with it.

I agree with dogsmom, you've accomplished tons!!! Definitely inspiring.

Gina said...

O, don't I agree! The past week or so has been so, so nice here in KY (mild and sunny), but by the time I get off from work all I want to do is hole up in my apt. I have lost a couple of pounds by eating a little healthier, but w/o the movement, it will never come off (again...sigh).

I am kind of cheating. When you think of how your actions fit your goals, I think you'll see a lot is accomplished on a weekly/daily/monthly basis anyway! ;)