Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goals 2012: Week 2

(Christmas finally put away!)

Next week I have to travel again for work. I'll be gone for the whole week including Saturday and will not be able to go to Indiana. Because of this, I am keeping my goal forecast simple:

1. Move: in at least three workouts (hotel has fitness room and pool).

2. Budget: Start getting tax items together (make my yearly checkoff list).

3. Learn: Read gardening books

4. Complete: finish all outstanding reports for work (these are different from files).

5. Sustain: Look online for potential jobs/update resume (a lot more on this later).

Here are the goals I completed this week for Van's challenge(not a good week for goals):

1. Finish seed organizing/order-organized, but did not complete orders
2. FINISH case files (unfort or maybe fortunately, I have to or there will be hell to pay with the boss) Sadly, I am finishing up my last one today. I have no idea why I can't seem to stay motivated to get my work done. I'm usually a worker who arbores idle time and like when I'm busy. This job, however, all my tasks feel really tedious.
3. Try a thrifted cookbook recipe I am canning three citrus marmalade. It is not a thrifted recipe, but I found the recipe online. I'll post about it later
4. Clean apartment
5. Purge unworn clothing/unnecessary objects from apartment-in progress
6. Photograph objects for the Etsy shop-I didn't get to it.
7. Work out 3 times at gym/walk whenever nice outside

Here are my tasks completed for the 12 goals (my own challenge):

12 for 12 for 12 Roundup:

Week 2

Learn: I can't think of anything-this week was busy and went by quickly and I had little time to read or study as I would have liked. Maybe if I think about it a bit.

Move: I walked a couple of times in the Louisville 'hood (it was nice out for most of last week) and I went to the Y. I really hope to pick up in this area. I feel so good after a workout, but it is really hard to get motivated to do it.

Complete: Cleaned both boys' bedrooms. This chore included purging outgrown or broken toys. They both helped and even put toys in the donation/yard sale box on their own! Oh, and after today, ALL my 2011 case files are completed (I know you have no idea what these are, but suffice to say they are tedious and I had a ridiculous number of them last year). I also forgot to put this on the goal list last week, but Xmas decor is down and ready for the attic.

Sustain: I'm going to count making marmalade as it is good to keep canning skills sharp. Although, the citrus I bought is hardly local (it is USA grown). I haven't canned like I have in the past and we are actually running low on jam. I know for the same cost I could run to the store and buy it, but there is something inertly satisfying to know you can make it yourself. Oh, I also scheduled a physical to check B12 blood levels.

Plan: In my head, I plan to do a much better job of not falling behind at work. Work smarter, not harder-isn't that the motto?

Nourish: All food was made at home. We are drinking lots of water. And, I don't know if this counts, but due to a broken coffee bean grinder and all stored whole bean coffee, my coffee consumption was limited. Very limited.

Create: Again, time was short this week. This one had to be sacrificed.

Grow: I grew in personal awareness.

Observe: I observed that I am really not liking my job. :(

Budget: I really thought I messed this one up as I ended up at the grocery this weekend and spent more than I planned. However, I budgeted my accounts and found, much to my pleasant surprise, that I am saving money. In a short two weeks, I have more in savings than I've had in months. I should have been paying more attention, but I can only go forward. A lot of the items I purchased this week were for the pantry and should last for a couple of months. Next week I will spend very, very little (working with co-workers which will mean eating out, but I plan to pick cheap, healthy items off the menus).

Play: The boys and I watched Dolphin Tale and it was very good. I need to improve here. I am always so busy!

Love: This one is hard to quantify, but I think I am finding myself more patient than usual. I spent time with both boys (deliberately) and I enjoyed myself. This probably sounds odd, but when you really focus on how you spend time with your kids, is it quality time? I always have 101 things to do and ALL always need to be completed by some stupid deadline. Of course, I love my children, but I am not always apt to show it with all my distractions and impatience when they are distracting me. I will continue to work on this bit.

How did you do this week?


Roze said...

I like how you broke down your goals with category headings! Nice, clever touch and gives you something to reach for in each category.

Gina said...

Thanks, Roze!

Van said...

Looks like you're still making good progress to me. I didn't strictly adhere to my budget either. Setting the super low budget helped me realize where I can comfortably spend more and comfortably spend less.

We'll get there eventually ;)