Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thrift Share: 15 Jan

The only two measly things I have thrifted since Christmas: Milk glass mugs found at a flea market in KY. This booth had so many (cheap!) milk glass mugs it wasreally hard to settle on just the two. Sorry for the blurry photograph, but the one says "Mother's Prayer-Grant me patience, Lord....but hurry!" and the other one is just pretty. There were some great ones I left behind, many with Iowa advertising (banks, seed companies, trucking, insurance, etc.).

These are just proof I made jam today. The one on the left is the Three Citrus Marmalade (although, I am afraid it is going to be more like three citrus sauce as it hasn't set up well) and the one on the right is Blueberry-Lime jam made from blueberries picked last summer and some Persian limes I already had that were starting to head south. I ended up with a dozen jars (half of each). Both are really tasty!


Anonymous said...

Lovely mugs, I especially like the floral one!, and you're so clever making your own jam!

Jeanne said...

Love the patience mug! Congrats on getting some jam made! I only consume..never make.

Rae said...

that flower mug is so pretty!