Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thrift Share: Summer Wind Down

Yesterday, the boys decided to go to the water park for a last "splash" before school starts next week. I thought I would stay home and get caught up on the mountains of tomatoes the garden is spitting out; however, I decided to go to the city (the one I grew up in) and go yard saling with my mom instead.

We got a bit of late start due to my travel time (traffic was hell), but I don't think that would have made a difference. Although numerous, the yard sales were horrible! I cannot stress how jealous I am of those of you with areas full of treasure-filled sales each week.

(Probably the best item gleaned from the yard sales: a box of study cards featuring the human muscles. I can't find a publication date, but I really like them!)
I mainly saw W*lmart crap with huge price tags. One lady even told my mother she wouldn't go down on a $20 item because Menard's sells them for $25. Um, ok. Walking back to the car, my mom says, "Menard's has them on sale for $15 this week." (I can't remember what the item was.)

While in route to the neighborhood sales, I had spied an estate sale sign and finally talked my mom into going. She was stopping at and most had obvious crap. I really wish we had gone to the ES first as it was pretty picked over. I did find a couple of things, but nothing spectacular. My favorite find at the ES was the old 1936 yearbook (they had 1936-1939, but they wanted a lot for them).

(Big pumpkin is newer merchandise, but I liked his retro feel; a plate stand, an old strainer; two 3m games; little shelf; granny afghan; and 1936 yearbook)

(The yearbook was the best find at the estate sale.)

Later, I had to go to the a department store for school supplies. I forgot there is a Salvation Army in the same shopping center. I found my favorite thing of the day there: a wool afghan. I stopped by another local thrift store and found three tiny handmade baskets with a maker's mark.

(Thrift store finds: small, handmade baskets; wool afghan; and hand knitted wash cloths)

On the way home, I stopped at a church sale near my house (they hold one every few months and I had doubts) and I found a few nice things there. And, the best part, their prices ranged from 10c-$1.00. I bought about ten ornate state plates marked only 10c each, including KY, TN, and GA. I wished I had made a quick stop earlier in the day.

(old knit blanket, muffin tins, table runner, 1/10 state plate, milk glass dish)

(State plate price tag-I left behind probably 10-15 others)
I guess I will hold out hope for the autumn sales, but I can find cheap, wonderful junk at the flea markets in KY all year long. This prospect makes yard saling less appealing to me anymore.  Oh, how I miss those glory days of Garage Sale yore when vintage, unwanted attic clutter ruled the card tables-and gas was less than $1.50/gal (sadly, not that long ago...)!

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(And, Sophie, you are in my thoughts!)


spymay said...

Girl I would've fought you for the knitted washcloths.My husband's grandmother knitted some for everyone one Christmas and I have used them to death.I wish I had gotten her to teach me to knit them before she died 10 years ago. I've made some crochet washcloths,but they're just not the same.

Gina said...

LOL! I know exactly what you mean! I received one as a baby shower gift years ago and wore it out (doing dishes!)

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

oh i love the 3M game! i saw that one at an estate sale recently and they wanted 40 dollars! which is insane!
i love the vintage pricing in kentucky, i can't believe how cheap so much stuff is!!