Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thrift Share: Mink, Cat, Cardinal

Thrifting less, but I had a few scores this week anyway. Everything pictured was found in Louisville. I do have one other (FABULOUS!) thing to photograph and plan to post about it soon. I apologize for the horrible photograph (as usual). The cat and cardinal are just more tchotchkes I probably don't need, and the wooden shelf is a spoon holder. The mink stole is vintage. The white shelf will look great in the new house.

Here is a close up of the cute, kitschy string holder.

These Kentucky bourbon bottles are a dime a dozen at the thrifts here, but I do pick one up now and then. I really liked this cardinal (KY and about dozen others' state bird).

I am currently struggling to pick paint colors for the new house. For the living room (aka "first room" in a Shotgun House), I have it narrowed down to French Lilac (grey with a hint of lilac) or Silver French (a silvery grey). I've painted the test squares, but they are so close and I'm not sure the first one has too much purple. However, I'm afraid too much grey alone will be too gloomy. I just can't decide...the main thing is it needs to look good with all my kitschy decor! I really like Victorian through 1940's (i.e. other than a bit here and there, I am not really a Mid Century vintage fan). And I definitely mix up the eras (I guess I would describe my decor taste's as Vintage Modern or maybe Bohemian-I have a ton of books and plants). Any suggestions or thoughts on these colors?

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Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

i love that string holder! that little mouth!
i like the hint of purple. i think that will look great.