Friday, August 3, 2012

August, Already

I'm not really sure why, but I have never been a fan of August. Maybe it's like any "last month" of a season. At least here in the states, August is void of holidays and it seems like the month of in-between (in-between fun summer things and back to school grind). Whatever the reason, August is here and I am feeling my usual bout of overwhelm. I have a number of work projects to complete (we do the Fiscal Year thing at work and it is about to end), I have chores to get done, a very productive garden (I'm not complaining!) to preserve, a new house to organize, an old house to purge and clean, and two more weeks of travel for work. Yuck.

When it all piles on me like this, despite being a piler (and not a filer), the pile just seems to mold into one, big mess of work. It makes me feel scattered and less productive. Making lists definitely helps, but I am not good at accomplishing my lists (actually, the trouble is I make way to many lists on scrap papers, here, in my head and they become another mountain dump of everything). For me, the main benefit of lists is that it help me see that I only have 4 or 5 items to do instead of a mountain of things and it alleviates that feeling of dreadful overwhelm.

So, an August list I will make and I will try hard to remember where it resides:


  • Finish outstanding case files (9)
  • Put safety documents in a folder to be reviewed by team
  • Finish special operation plans
  • Jot down ideas for performance plan
  • Can regular salsa
  • Can tomatoes
  • Make pickled banana peppers
  • Try jalapeno jam
  • Dry extra Thai peppers
  • Can Salsa Verde
  • Make jam from old fruit in freezer
New Home:
  • Finish installing kitchen flooring (it is looking great!)
  • Find a kitchen island or work bench
  • Install roof on camelback
  • Focus on Living Room (LR) and Kitchen (K)
  • Paint LR and K
  • Hang blinds/curtains
Old Home:
  • Declutter kitchen (one room a month)
  • Finish painting kitchen
  • Rotate couches
  • Get items ready for sister's yard sale
  • Install tiles on landing
  • Paint window trim (exterior)
  • Have furnace serviced
  • Get 6 months of tax receipts organized (maybe make it less overwhelming in January)
  • File away old paperwork
  • Put together a new budget
  • Photograph items and revamp Etsy shop
  • Look into a booth at KY flea market
  • Make spreadsheet for rent tracking
  • Update lease
  • Buy school supplies for boys
  • Exercise at least twice weekly
  • Eat less sugar
  • Attend a neighborhood revitalization meeting

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