Monday, September 3, 2012

Thrift Share: The WV Edition

Well, hello, Y'all!

If I didn't chase you off with all my pity party antics, do you wanna see what I scored in West Virginia last weekend?

First, I have to admit I actually was able to visit flea markets as part of my job! Cool, right? I think I went to about 26 flea markets and after 10 or so, I was tired of them (did I just say that?)

Sadly,most of the WV flea markets were not my cup of tea (knock off new merchandise, new 'vintage/primitive' items, close-out food, etc.) Anything actually vintage was priced amazingly high. Oh, how I miss the days of junky, cheap flea markets. And, KY has spoiled me.

But, I did find some items and one of the pop-up fleas I stumbled upon was one of the best. Prices were in the $0.10-1.50 range and there was so much great junk! Here is where I admit something really dumb: I had exactly $2.38 in cash on me (WTH was I thinking?!) Nevertheless, I spent the total I had on me on that particular visit and this included some great local pears.

Later, I went to the ATM, but I never found another flea market like it. The biggest regret? I saw a perfect McCoy turtle planter and was down to 50c in my pocket. I decided to ask the price certain if it was cheap enough I could scrounge up change in my vehicle. However, when I returned, it was gone! Of course, us thrifters know the moral of that story! Oh well, c'est la vie...

But let's not fret, onwards to the treasures:

My favorite find: An old coal bucket! I was looking at it and a guy says, "How about $1?" Oh, yes...sold! And, yes, that would be a mint D-I-V-O-R-C-E album.
Bag of cookie cutters.
 Look! I can make a political statement: Donkey, Indian, Cowboy, Elephant.
Can you guess my preference? ;)
Teeny tiny chip on one edge, but I love it anyway!
The birds were kind of pricey, but they are cute. The pitcher is my WV souvenir.
I found three of these. I already have mama and another baby at home.
I love dalmatians.
I really miss Isaac the dalmatian that lived with me for 15 years.
Almost forgot this little spoon rest. I bought it for a dime (!) at that super cheap flea market.
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Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Hey Gina! Your dalmatian is cute. They always seem to charge a small fortune in the thrifts around here for dog figurines. Kills me because I can't bring myself to shell it out.

I would miss Issac too. My dog is ill right now & we thought he was going to die on Friday night. Sunday morning I woke up & he had peed his bed & was still sleeping in it. I only knew because I stepped in it. When I think of it it makes me want to cry.

Gina said...

Aww, I have complete empathy! Poor Charlie! Isaac did the same thing and it broke my heart to watch him go downhill. Love him hard while you have him! I cant remember the source, but there is a quote something like: if dogs don't go to heaven then send me to where they go. I always say Isaac was my soul dog!

Gina said...
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Rae - Say It Aint So said...

flea markets are so hit or miss. i've finally learned that. when we went to the smokey mountains i was READY for great deals and it was all crap. i like your find though! that spoon rest especially!

traffictieup said...
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