Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrift Sharin': Odd and Wishlist finds

The Odd finds: Mother Shipton door knocker (ebay find), rusty "O" and crosses (found in my yard).
Wishlist find: I have really, really wanted one of these trophies for some time! It's hard to read, but the tag says, "R. Trent, Ft. Knox, KY 1962."

And Bonus find: This old wooden Hop Ching board was just a great score at $1.99.
In the background of two of these photos is the new Louisville house. I painted the living room and some of the trim this weekend, but I already know I'm going to repaint. I do like the trim color which is called Scottish Road. I thought it was a grayish color (I found it in the "oops" section), but it is more of a vintage green color. I think I am going to repaint the walls a vintage map blue. All and all, the house is coming along, just a little slower than I like!
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suzieQ said...

I just found a great round metal Chinese checkers board recently after lusting for one for years. Your Hop Ching board is a wicked great find!

Anikó said...

Wow, what great finds! I would love to find things in my yard too! As a kid I wanted to be an archeologist, and had a recurring dream of digging in the sandpit and finding all sorts of amazing antique toys... true story! :)

Aniko via Apron Thrift Girl's linkie

Gina said...

Yes, I was really excited to find the board!

And, I also wanted to be an archeologist! This house I bought was built in 1900 and I am finding so many things in the dirt around it! I need to get a metal detector!

Anikó said...

That sounds amazing! Definitely get a metal detector! :)