Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Monday

Well, time sure flies. I have been a busy, busy girl of late. Work is my main excuse-travel, an office move, and just general keeping up. I spent last week in Alabama and a friend and I thrifted a bit. Today, however, was 50% off day at the Unique in Louisville and I shopped early this morning (despite a general abhorrence of crowds and a very packed store). I found what would have been one of my favorite thrift finds ever. I really thought the thrift gods were with me today; however, this is my little treasure now (slightly mended):
Yes, on my way to the car with an armful of poorly packaged items, I dropped the box containing all of my unwrapped breakables. I nearly burst in tears! I partly blame the thrift for not going an extra inch and wrapping the fragile stuff in paper. I also would have been happy to have them placed in the sweater I bought. I absolutely despise some of the workers at Unique because they have broken many an item tossed carelessly in a bag. Damn it, Unique people, these items have made it through decades, continents and a even possibly a donation bin just to be destroyed upon purchase by your lack of concern.

Have you ever had an item destroyed by carelessness of thrift store employees?

In fairness, I have to say, though, that are also really good cashiers I've encountered there as well. Sadly, this was not the case today. I also partly blame myself for thinking I could balance a fragile bag on top of two board games. I was prefectly aware they had carelessly packed her. The accident happened as I tried to put my armful down to open my trunk. I relived the moment a few times in my head, wishing I had just taken the time to wrap my fragile items myself (the other item to shatter was an old Buddha). I checked eBay and Etsy and the sweet, vintage Lucky Cat is not widely available (or cheap). I found this one for 90 cents. I tried gluing it back together, but it shattered in too many pieces. I had to accept defeat.

Lucky Cat!
Sharing my Thrift sadness with the choir: Sir Thrift A Lot


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I'm sorry to hear! I feel your pain - I absolutely hate it when this happens. :(

I usually pack & wrap my own items at the thrifts. I ask for the paper & ask for the bags. That way, I know it's well protected & if it breaks, I have nobody to blame but myself. I usually ask for the paper & bag first if I have a lot of items so I can wrap & pack as the cashier rings items through.

Gina said...

Yes, I should implement this technique too. Good suggestion!!

Thanks for commenting!