Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Going to Jackson

Took a driving break in Jackson, TN Goodwill (en route to Memphis for work this week).

Found these items.

I wouldn't rate this GW as excellent (expensive, lots of uninteresting inventory, or maybe I am just being more selective).

Love the Nessie (for the boys collection), the little duck and shoe planter (yeah, yeah collections belonging to moi)

The cute bird is a Made in Japan music box.

The needle point is vintage and in a great frame.

Another metal recipe box.

A plate I don't need and a cookbook I don't need.

My most expensive item found (books were all priced $2.99-3.99; the vintage stuff was under $1.49!) It was published the year *cough, cough* I was born.

Bad hotel lighting and photo, but it is gorgeous! I just thrifted a wonderful mare and foal print. I am slowing getting my Louisville horse theme going on.

That's it for Thrift Share Monday. Check out ATG and Sophie's blog for more fabulous finds.


Rae said...

i love that horse needle point!

Gina said...

It's so cute! The store had it priced at 1.99 while the cookbooks were 3.99 and above!