Sunday, December 26, 2010

To Badly Quote a Legend

(Enesco 1978 bank found in Northern VA)

"Another year over and a new one just begun..."*

So, we managed to visit two family sides (his and mine), make cookies, open the kiddies presents (the Santa bubble is good for one more year) and that would be about it. The house is a mess of scattered toys and cardboard and all the waste I despise so much each year. I am sitting here sipping coffee (a locally roasted gift from a friend in ol' Louisville) and thinking about all I need to do today. I am too lazy to find my card reader and put up any photos of thrifty goodness**, but I have been totally digging all the lovely posts of folks' vintage holiday decor. I didn't decorate much this year (a tree with a scattering of ornaments, a few vintage santas here and there, a two nativity scenes). It was hard to get everything together with only the weekends home.

I have the next week off from work and I know it will fly by in a blink. I want to go thrifting with the Christmas money I get from DH's mom and may call my own mom to see if she wants to go too. I also need to return a double gift (yes, that would be me that bought two copies of the exact same toy for littlest-I didn't even notice when I wrapped them!) and I have Kohl's cash to blow before they expire (I really want one of those single cup coffee makers, but the K-cups are so expensive and wasteful. I can buy the reusable filter, but I use a thrifted percolator and it is not hard to use, so I keep thinking I don't want to spend the money on one. maybe I will thrift one!) Last, I really need to get my hair cut and painted.

Looking to the New Year, I need to get my family moved to KY. I miss them and want our life to be back to "normal" (oh, man, that is stretching it!) I need to get organized and our finances in order. The house is in need of repairs and cleaning (for the market) and I will have to purge some clutter (sniff, sniff). For the past few years, my main focus was on stockpiling for an emergency (the focus of my last blog was homesteading and hoarding emergency preparedness. I usually shop sales and such and put away things to a point we are set for 6 months to a year. Earlier this week, DH tells me we are down to two rolls of TP. What?! I looked all over (basement, closets, cupboards and, yes, we are out of TP). Because I am splitting time between two cities, I need to be better organized. I am the accountant of the family and it is up to me to make sure the boys and hubby are stocked with necessities.

On the old blog I always posted a list of New Year goals. I liked doing this (even though I rarely succeeded in meeting most of them! :), so I plan to do the same here. I also want to make a "Thrift Wish List" like I have seen on some favorite blogs. I need to focus (my theme for 2011 apparently) and realize the importance of necessity and change.

*John Lennon (of course!)
**OK, decided to put up one! :)


tansy said...

have you had any luck selling the little house or the other 'stead?

i'm happy to hear you are finally going to be able to move everyone!

Van said...

I love making new resolutions and thrift wish lists. Can't wait to see yours :D

Gina said...

Hi Tansy! We finally sold the other homestead (to an Amish family for cash!) We took a huge hit, but we no longer have to heat or maintain the blessed thing anymore. The little house is rented and (knock on wood) the tenant is doing pretty well. She plans to buy the house next year (if she can get a loan). We haven't even started getting the main place in order (it is so hard having just a day and half home), but we looked at my dream home down in KY! I doubt we'll get it (a Victorian farmhouse on acres that needs a ton of work), but it was a start thinking about the future.

I am starting to appreciate more and more what I have and I am trying really hard not to pine for what I don't. I really miss my kids!

Van: thanks! I love your blog and I saw your recent before and after pix. What an inspiration! I did the same only I just worked on teh "junk" drawer today, but it is much better!

Gina said...

Excuse my zillion tired tonight!!