Tuesday, August 9, 2011


(Excuse the horrible photos! I used a new work point and shoot and obviously need practice! :)

One of my all time Very Favorite Blogs is Lucy Violet Vintage. Not only does she have great eye for thrifty greatness and a wonderful way with words, she also loves Religionalia just like me (I actually stole this word from her as well!) In fact, she has a particular soft spot for Mary...yes, just like me! Check out her blog-you will not be disappointed!

A few weeks back she sent me an email asking if she could send me a little something. How could I resist knowing that 1) It would come from proverbial Down Under, but even better 2) From someone so sweet at Kylie?

So, this weekend, back home in Indiana, I found this Airmail, all the long, long way from Australia, waiting on me.

When I opened the box, a lovely little bird was staring back at me (so cute!), perched on several little pink presents. I opened each of them carefully and...look!


I immediately hung the little picture (below) and plaque on my Wall O' Religion and they are perfect. I love Mary's kind, serene look. the little Pope thermometer is hanging from a knob on one of the curio cabinets in my living room.

The little metal and pink velvet Mary and Babe plaque is so pretty. My photograph does not do it justice. It looks lovely against the vintage blue I have the living room painted.

Here is a snapshot of my wall (it is better closeup). I plan to rearrange next weekend, but I love how they fit right into the vignette. The other treasures are in now living in one of my cabinets of thrift curiosities with a convent of Marys. I still need to photograph my collections.

Thank you, Dear Kylie, for my wonderful, wonderful gifts! You are such a generous soul and you cheered me right up!

Oh, and, look to the West (or East, but definitely Up towards the Equator) for a little Kentucky/Indiana USA Airmail kitsch to arrive sometime in the near future!


Kylie said...

Hey I LOVE that phrase: "a convent of Mary's" Gina. How perfectly wonderful...I may have to do a little word borrowing of my own one of these days...
Glad you liked your little pressie, take care Gina, stay well and HAPPY x

ps thank you for the lovely things you said about my blog x

Marty said...

Wow, your religionalia wall looks great!