Monday, August 22, 2011

Thrift Share Monday: Alas, alas

I think I am (almost) on time this week! I have about three months worth of thrifted crap to brag about, but rest assured I am only going to bore you with two items. My best latest acquisition I will have to wait to show and tell as it is still in the place I bought it (hubby is bringing them home on Tuesday-so lovely...Oh, just wait!)

OK, without further adieu, the two items I selected out of the 100 items I did not:

(Love this vintage "Geographical Terms" relief map. This pretend island has it all from volcanoes and air fields to oasis and buttes! It is huge 4' X 4' and is temporarily hanging above the apt. bed.)

(I've been hunting for one of these for a very long time. I included a milk glass planter I found a while back for viewing pleasure bonus.)

Oh, alright, you talked me into it-here is a little bonus!

(Lovely Rothchild's girls coat for $1.50! A gift for my little red haired neice.)


Kylie said...

gorgeous little girl's coat Gina...
can't wait to see what else you bought...

Marty said...

The jacket is DARLING! Awesome find!