Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lofty Goals: Week One

Some of you may read here when I am not showcasing my lovely treasures (thank you). A few weeks ago I mentioned I was going to publish a list of goals for the new year on my birthday. Um, came and went.

I did create the list though on the day I said I was going to publish it and so, I do have a tentative list of 41 goals. Some are direct, others abstract or ongoing, but I hope to accomplish a good majority of them this year. I even left a 'TBD' slot. I will probably also tweak the list a bit as time marches on.

I am of the type I get rather obsessed with projects. I love research (a natural researcher!) and will read and study an interest until I am bored with it. Yes, I wish I could fix this part of my natural tendency towards curiosity, but, alas, I move on once I no longer have the quality of newness there to hold my interest. Of course, there are exceptions (my children and pets) and I am not lumping them into this quirk o' mine.

On the other hand, this quirk has been an asset to getting some things done. I've paid all our debts off because I challenged myself to do it. I decided I wanted to homestead and managed to buy us a farm. I finished college several times. I became bored with my job and found one with more excitement and income. Et cetera.

So, in my new year I plan to become "obsessed" with my goals. I want to see items crossed off, accomplished. I want to feel I can reach a finish line. The plan goes like this: each week I will concentrate on one goal. If I am able to do it, this means I will finish before the year is up. I will update each week. Mainly I am recording my progress for my own records and information; however, feedback and cheers are always nice too! :)

So, here they are, in no particular order, 41 goals:

1. Play with the boys more often
2. Record their lives (e.g. photo albums, scrapbooks, etc.)
3. Get out and make some friends (KY)
4. Be a tourist in my home place(s)
5. Plan a Nashville vacation with Hubby in Oct.
6. Plan to attend next year’s family reunion in VA (paternal side)
7. Pay down 25% of our debt
8. Purge at least 25% of our crap
9. Create an Etsy store or try selling (not buying!) on Ebay
10. …Or at least have a yard sale
11. Work out three times a week (my choice!)
12. Find the “choice” in things, not the chore
13. Prepare to move next summer to new apartment or house
14. Sell or keep renters in little house
15. Refinance little house
16. Attend one event in Louisville per month.
17. Take more photographs, print out these photographs
18. Learn to use the Camera (better)
19. Learn to artfully edit photographs
20. Walk/run a marathon next spring or summer
21. Finish the vintage camper by next summer
22. Read one new book per month (sad, I used to be such a reader)
23. Purge read, never-read-again books
24. Try listening to books in the car while traveling for work
25. Go to the dentist X2 (I’m late on my check-ups=friendly reminder to self)
26. Organize-leaving it vague on purpose (work and home)
27. Take lunch to work, eat at home more
28. Write again-anything!
29. Work on my blog, be diligent about posties, don’t pigeon hole your life
30. Don’t pigeon hole your life (warrants a repeating)
31. Learn a new craft
32. Hike KY state parks
33. Get the B12 injections as suggested by dr (maybe it would help the fatigue)
34. Get a new tattoo
35. Try a new recipe from thrifted Cookbook once a month (maybe even per week!)
36. Don’t let work pile up, be efficient
37. Take a class
38. Do yoga again
39. Donate blood regularly
40. Try growing cactus from seed
41. TBD


Tonia said...

Great list! Good luck accomplishing your goals!

I love husband and I moved from there in 99, but we still visit family twice a year. When I was a kid, I loved Natural Bridge State Park...I think it was the paddle boats! ;)

I found your blog because of your thrifty finds, but I keep coming back to read it all. :)

Best wishes,

Rae said...

great list! i'm good at making these kinds of lists but i am not good with the follow through. maybe you'll inspire me :)

Kylie said...

Great list, maybe I should make one too...I hope you had a lovely birthday Gina and that you accomplish all the things you want to in the year ahead. From what you've written it sounds like you've done alot of great stuff already x

Gina said...

Thank you for your comments!

Tonia: I just saw a picture of that park on a blog recently. I can't wait to visit it!

Rae: You and I have very similar tastes in our thrifty objects (especially the animals!) I included on my list: Get a tattoo and I love your Dia de Los Muertos pug one! I want to get one with my beloved late dalmation Isaak. Yea, I can relate to the not following through on list part of your comment, LOL!

Kylie: Oi vey, I should include send package to AU! I have it ready to go, just need to get to the post office. :) Thanks for your comment of support (means so much to me!!)