Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thrift Share: Art of it All

I found this lovely framed print for a couple of bucks. Her creator is Florence Kroger. The frame is gorgeous.
I actually found this Mexican beauty a month or so ago at the Unique Thrift in Louisville. In line, a woman said to me in Spanish that she thought it was quite nice. I love it too.

Two sweet, little bird prints

Not to be out done by Mother Mary, I found this paint-by-number roses at an Indiana GW (and it was actually cheap!)
Last, I have future plans for this wooden house. I will add it to the mountainous project pile.

I had a really good thrift week and weekend. I ended up spending Friday helping my mom move furniture to her barn (she bought new) and I found some treasures I remember as a child. One was a metal box once used on a tractor to hold tools. It used to have hens-n-chicks in it and sat below my childhood bedroom window for as long as I can remember. It's old. My husband said, "Did you use it as a step when you would sneak out of your bedroom window? Is that why it has memories?" Maybe.

I also ended up with two older Mexican pottery planters in somewhat worn condition, but I have plans for those as well. She gave me three old metal drawers and a metal container that held something that was made in West Germany. I'll show the freebies in the future after their transformations. However, I will let you see the wonderful German dish set I picked up in WV. It is JENAer Glas (a precursor to Pyrex) and I believe it is from the mid-60's (going by a trademark site I found). It was marked $39.99 for the set, but it had been marked down, just minutes before I arrived, to $8.99. I love it and it will now be my primary set in Louisville (I plan to purge my current sets).

Check out Sophie's blog for more thirft inspiration!


Cheapchick said...

Found you from Sophies Blog, another great bunch of religious iconography!

Linda said...

Love that little display house, it'll lookk fab filled with knick knacks, and your new tea set is fab! total bargain!